Online Teamwork Success Strategies

Students learn more than what they gain from their research and the project they complete in group assignments. Students who are savvy will also learn valuable lessons about communicating clearly, setting up schedules and communicating effectively, and working together in a positive and proactive manner. They might also improve their leadership skills. Online courses offer

Student Perspective: Using Career Center

Andrew Boeres is a Wittenberg University student and Cengage intern. 77 percent of former and current college students are concerned about their ability to find the right career path after graduation. Cengage Unlimited Career Center can help students find the right career after graduation and also help them develop the soft skills employers are looking

Strategies to Connect with Your Psychology Students Online

By: Professor Julie Prosser, Psychology Department, Colorado State University Before 2020, it was exciting to teach Psychology on campus. There were large lecture halls filled with students eager for information and connections. I was enthusiastic about each class and proud to have formed the relationships. I was so present and engaged with my students. I

How to Run Windows on Mac using Boot Camp

Corinne Hoisington is an Information Systems Technology Professor at Central Virginia Community College Teaching any type of Microsoft Office application may be difficult if you use a Mac. Access is not available for MAC. There are two options for running Windows operating systems on a Mac. You have two options: you can use Boot Camp

How to prepare for midterms using WebAssign

Are you or your students feeling stressed out by semester burnout? We can help you prepare for mid terms, your first exams, or mid-semester progress check. Keep strong with these tips to help prepare for midterms, encourage students to study, and more! Keep reading to learn how WebAssign can help you prepare for your midterms

How to Pass the GMAT Without Breaking Your Bank

Candidates who want to apply to graduate management programs such as MBA must take the Graduate Management Admission Test. This is a computer adaptive, standardized test that is required. GMAT measures a person’s analytical and problem-solving, writing skills, quantitative, verbal and reading abilities. Future MBA holders will need to be able to demonstrate data sufficiency,

How to make introductions in your online classroom

Students in college today have many new ways to get to know each other — especially those that are directed at an online classroom. There are many ways to break the ice, make introductions, and some are more effective than others. These tips will help make your online classroom experience more enjoyable. How students can