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    The Consistent Marketer

    The Consistent Marketer is an Automated Marketing System Designed to combine the most important elements of Online Marketing into one system that virtually runs on Auto-Pilot

    Also called
    “The Lazy Method To Making $150 A Day Online”

    From: David Ledger
    Date: Sunday, January 15.

    Everyone can make money on the Internet it is just that people think it is too complicated.


    I will say that earning on the Internet is not as complicated as people think.

    To Earn on the internet you really only need two things……

    1. Something to promote that makes you money.
    2. A way to get people to see the offer that you are promoting.
    It just can’t get any simpler than that!.


    With the Consistent Marketer System you could become one of the 5% or less, that actually earn on the Internet.

    So I am making the Consistent Marketer available to you at no cost, you can give the report to anyone, use it to build your list or if you want to make more money, contact me for the rebrander, it does come at a price and one that most people can afford, $5  with No upsell and No downsell.

    Warm regards,
    David Ledger

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