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    Just a few rules

    Welcome to my AdBlog Site it is still in the BETA stage so be patient if your post is viable and within our rules it will be posted.

    What will not be posted are……… Spam if there is more than three (3) links within the post it will be rejected, all posts must be of NON adult, no War, Hate or anything that will be deemed upsetting to our readers.

    What will be posted are Ads relating to work at home businesses, if you intentially post a SCAM or anything that is upsetting to our readers you will be blocked from the site and the post will be altered to show that it is indeed a scam anything else will be delated.

    Posting An ad.

    I use the form mail script so that you can post your ad to me for moderation and acceptance to be published.

    You CAN Place any HTML or Text in the Form Mail Comments box for HTML copy and paste from “Body”……………”/Body.

    You may upload two images to enhance your post.

    Only place a maximum of three (3) url links into the comments box.

    On completion of the form, preview it and then Submit the form for moderation and acceptance to be published.

    After 48 hours you will be allowed to send in another AD.