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How to get authentic leads with CPA Marketing.

Leads generation with CPA is a profitable promotional method for your company, because you know that you get paid only when desired action is performed.

CPA marketing strategies are a superb and easiest way to generate leads and earn commission for those affiliates who do not want to sell products and services.

Building Email list is the process to collect interested leads and their contact details.

You can use landing page with pain point, promise and benefit heavy headlines, Web form with specified call to action and urgency emphasized body copy that will force your visitors to fill the form and increase your opt-in to drive immediate results.

You can send traffic directly to CPA offers page or you can send traffic to your landing page and then CPA offers to build your list.

If you choose solo ads to generate your list, you need to have something valuable to give away.

Here you can have a look on Solo ad techniques to build your Email list –

1. Offer a free gift: You can provide a free gift, bonus and discount to motivate your visitors to increase sign up for you CPA offer. You can give free webinar, report, coupon, e-course and consultation.

2. Target right audience: You need to select a good email ad copy with your right audience for the CPA offer you are promoting. If you want to promote you offer in a specific area and age group, you can target your visitors via your email newsletter according to their demographic and geo-location.

3. Landing Page: You can include multiple links in email ad copy, but be sure that you are redirecting your visitors to one URL. To get good results, you can set a specific landing page email newsletter for the CPA offer you are promoting.

4. Subject Line: Subject line plays an important role in email opening rate and getting read. If you have a good offer with a poor subject line, it will never work for you. Subject line is left out on the first impression, so be crafted y with a killer subject line or you can use title generator tool to create it.

5. Multiple Ads: You can run multiple ads in an email newsletter. You need to capture your audience attention. So one ad with newsletter is not sufficient. You can test multiple offers and subject lines to find out which one is doing great.

6. Tracking Links: Tracking is crucial to know your CPA campaign performance. You can use traceable link with your landing page. This will help you calculate the number of new sign-ups and clicks. You can be able to find out which landing page, email newsletter and ads are working for your CPA offers.

You can also use Pop-Up windows when your email redirect your visitors to landing page, a pop-up window will appear on their monitor to increase opt-in.

Making your content relevant to your offers, Stacking Your Offers, using an autoresponder, using split testing, and tracking your results to make your CPA campaign successful. MORE!