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How Does CPA Work

Now that you know what CPA advertising is, you need to know how it works.

From a website or blog publisher’s point of view, CPA works in pretty much exactly the same way as AdSense or any other leading PPC arrangement. You would simply join an advertising website that offered a CPA option, choose the type of adverts that you want to show on your site, and finally copy a few lines of code from the site and paste them onto your web pages where you want the
advertising to appear. You should then start seeing targeted advertising appear on your site almost immediately, and all you need do is drive as many visitors to your own web pages as possible, in the hope that they will see the ads and click through on them.

Now, if you are using AdSense or another PPC advertising program, then this would be the point at which you would have generated a payment to be added to your account. Using CPA, however, the visitor that you have just sent to the advertiser’s website still has one more step to take before you can expect to get paid.

This demonstrates what is widely perceived as the main disadvantage of using CPA advertising. However, it should be noted that CPA programs will generally pay you a great deal more than you could ever hope to earn for one click using a PPC program, and this vastly increased payout per success does go quite some way to offsetting what many perceive to be the disadvantages of using CPA advertising. MORE!