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Making Money From CPA

The way that you make money from CPA offers is straightforward.

You create a webpage and post CPA offers to it. If you send masses of visitors to the site, some of them will see your offers and take action by doing whatever task the ads that they see require of them.

You get paid.

Of course, nothing in real life is ever going to be quite that straightforward, so let us look at each stage of the process in turn. That way, you will know exactly what you really need to do in practice to make this theory become reality.

Setting Up
The first thing that you need to do is open free accounts with the leading CPA sites.

There are literally hundreds of CPA Networks across the internet. You can get easily overwhelmed by the variety this industry provides.

I personally have tried many CPA networks. Some of them are great, others not so good. And I think the ones that are most suitable for beginners are PeerFly And MaxBounty.

Most sites want to work with webpages that will earn them regular advertising revenues. In other words, they want their CPA offers to appear on websites that enjoy decent levels of traffic.

If you already have a website that enjoys lots of visitors every month, then this is not going to represent a problem for you. However, if your site is new, there is still no need to panic.

Get in contact with the program managers, either by e-mail or even better by telephone (this shows keenness), and tell them how you are going to generate traffic, and how this will make money for them.

As long as you have a logical, well thought out traffic generation plan in place and can explain it to them, you will probably discover that they are willing to listen and work with you. By making this effort, you have demonstrated that you are not merely ‘hoping’ that things will work out, and this is normally enough to convince most program managers to give you a chance.

The next thing that you need to do is ensure that you understand the rules of the particular CPA site and the specific offers that you plan to promote. Each will have their own rules governing what you can and cannot do when placing their ads on your pages, and you must comply with these rules, otherwise you could find your account closed and your earnings confiscated.

For example, some sites and individual advertisers may only pay out for ad views from residents of certain countries. There may be a rule saying that you cannot ‘draw’ clicks by ‘incentivizing’ your on page offer, or an offer that you are promoting may have an expiry date attached.
Make sure that you know the rules and follow them without exception. MORE!