7 Tips For Improving Your Online Security
Tip #5 - Inspecting Your Account Privacy Settings
9 time out of 10 when you're signing up for an email account, social network, or a plethora of other websites on the world wide web - you'll be asked the inevitable: what is your birth date?
Advancing personal questions even more, sometimes you'll be asked things like your full name (obviously), your location or birth place (sometimes for security question), hobbies, and any other random questions.
While most of these are standard procedure and you shouldn't give it a second thought, maybe you actually SHOULD think about it carefully.
Where are you signing up to? If it's for your email account, keep in mind that you may need to know the information you're providing.
For instance, sometimes when resetting or recovering your password, you may need to enter your birthday (or the birth date you chose for your account).
Because of this, you need to realize that if you sign up anywhere on the web or communicate your birthday anywhere on the web, publicly (or not), people might be able to see that information.
By process of elimination, it's not out of line to see how a "hacker" could use the Internet to figure out what school you went to for 1st grade, or even what street you grew up on.
These details can frequently be dug up somewhere on the web, somehow. Even further, they can often be guessed by just looking up common lists (as in the case of the make of a car). Maybe not in every individual person's case, but it's better to be safe rather than sorry.
Putting forth a little effort and preemptive thinking towards both current and future account creation and security management techniques can go a long way

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