7 Tips For Improving Your Online Security
Tip #4 - Enabling Mobile Notifications
Many email providers and other account or service providers that have pertinent information on them will present the feature to connect your mobile phone number to the account as an extra layer of security for your account.
If this feature is available to you, it's strongly recommended that you make use of it.
As you may be wary of sharing THAT kind of personal information with a service, website, or other provider, there's a main reason why you generally don't need to be wary of this.
When a company offers this feature in relation to account security, they will almost certainly have EXTREMELY safe guarded methods for storing and protecting that kind of information about you.
Above all, the entire purpose for connecting your mobile phone is because when something fishy happens involving your account - you will receive a notification on your cell phone no matter where you are.
Building on top of that, you can often use your mobile number as a means to reset or gain access to said (connected) account in the event that you happen to lose access, your account is stolen or compromised, or you simply forget your password.
Any time a website allows you to add or connect a mobile phone to your account, you should definitely consider doing such.

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