7 Tips For Improving Your Online Security
Tip #3 - The Emergency / Secondary Account Method
There's a few different names for this method, but it all refers to essentially the same thing in the end. In essence, most email account providers (and other accounts like social networking sites, etc.) will require you to have some sort of back up e-mail or recovery account.
This can be used in a few different scenarios such as:
  • * Account / Password Recovery
  • * Password Reset Process
  • * Accessing Your Account From A New Location
  • * (Occasionally) Changing Important Information About Your Account

It doesn't really matter what scenario you find yourself in that you need to make use of this account, the bottom line is that you should always make use of the feature.

There's a few things to consider when creating a secondary or back up account.
  • 1. What is the relationship of the secondary account to the main account?
  • 2. Does it share any of the same credentials with other accounts such as password?
  • 3. Do these accounts link to each other for back ups or emergency? (Bad Idea)
Ideally, you want this secondary account to be a secret. Meaning you don't sign up to mailing lists, other accounts and services, and so on using this account address.
It should really have no relation to your main account, or your name. However you should keep the credentials to the secondary account safe and make sure that you have them memorized.
You will want to have quick access to this account in the event that there's an emergency.

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