7 Tips For Improving Your Online Security
Tip #2 - Creating A Unique Account Security Question
If you've never heard the term "Account Security Question" then let me explain.

This refers to the question you're asked when you log in from a new location, when you need to reset your password, or in a number of other situations.

It's essentially another form of 2-step authentication that's put into place to further protect your account(s).

Most people will choose one of the basic questions provided to them for this step, such as "what is your mother's maiden name" or "what is your birth / home town?" and then they will provide the true answer to this question.
Not to say that it's the wrong thing to do, but when you consider that most people with malicious intent prowling the Internet might be willing to put a little effort into deciphering the answer to your question. Especially if they already cracked your password and have access to that.

Realistically, any honest answer that you provide for your account security question might pose a security threat itself to the overall protective level of your account(s)

Unfortunately this is due in part to the fact that there is just a lot of personal information out there about us, maybe some more than others.

With that in mind, it's actually rather easy for you to improve the security of your question in this situation.

For one, instead of answering what your real home town is, you could put in your favorite town or a place you've always wanted to live. You'll know this and will most likely remember it, and it's going to be rather difficult for a hacker to crack that answer.

It's strongly advised that you get creative and put some effort into this aspect.

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