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Welcome to 


A quick Bio about Me.

I started of as a grocery delivery boy on leaving school at the age of 15, at the age of 15 and 6 months I joined the Royal Navy where I remained until the age of 40 , after that I was a public house landlord for three years, then my last job was a lorry driver..

After leaving the Navy my hobby was learning about the internet (at this time the internet was just starting up).     Through the years I have collected as much information as I could, I will confess I am      not one of the high earners on the internet but it does give me enough to retire on.
  Within these pages are ways you can Earn and Learn on the Internet.

  You can start with the Contents drop down, within it you will find free and paid               programs/courses that if you follow them you will be on your way to earning.

  The Free Downloads might be a Course, A free ebook  or just something that you may   need to progress in the world of Learning and Earning on the Internet, To download you must right click and then save it to a file of your choice.

Everything else is self explanitary.

  I am going to make sure you get started out on a solid foundation so you can work at  home and do it online.

  The journey isn’t easy, but it is very convenient.

  You can work generally speaking wherever and whenever you want.

That’s something most folks dream about.

The bad news?

It does take focus, and discipline.

The BEST news.. the investment of money is not very high.

To begin with I recommend you start with The List Building Video Course

Then find out how to  establish your own website (this can be done for free).

We’ll take a look at how to make a blog and make money from it.

How to get involved with “affiliate marketing”.

How to sell what is called Master Resale Rights products.

How to make a product of your own.
How to get Traffic, and a whole variety of topics that will open the door and your eyes to what has to be the greatest profession on Earth – Internet Sales from wherever your laptop or desktop computer resides.

One word of caution.

These pages will give you a concrete direction to head, and will take you by the hand and make sure you are doing everything correctly, in the proper order.

However, you will have to research, on your own, each topic more thoroughly after I introduce you to them.

Without that you will be left guessing and confused.

These Pages will make it a whole lot easier to succeed, but you will have to put in the extra work and research on each topic yourself as well.

That said, let’s move on!

Welcome aboard!
David Ledger

PS. All the above can be found in The Free Cash Generator.

You can contact me via my support Office

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Training Programs
  Hi and welcome to my training area, here you will find free or nearly free training programs over the years I  have seen many videos that have been placed on the Internet and some that have just been left to go out of date the list I have here is relatively small to what is out there.

 What I have posted here is the most comprehensive and easiest to use.
•  Basic HTML
•  PHP For beginners
•  Cash From Video
•  Consistent Marketer
•  FaceBook The Essential Guide
•  Free Cash Generator $17
•  Free Unlimited Traffic $9.95
•  Ghost Writer
•  GooglePlus $7.95
•  Internet Marketing video course
•  List Building Video Course
•  to be anounced
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