Top 10 Project Management Predictions 2016

Although project management is a relatively static field, it is expected to become an anomaly in 2016. This article will focus on the top 10 predictions for 2016 in project management.
1. 2016 would be the year of Agility.
2016 will see agile become even more important. Agile methods are a better alternative to traditional sequential or waterfall development models. Agile methods can be easily synchronized to other software project management software applications, which aid in process automation and data analysis.
2. Project managers have greater responsibilities and roles
2016 will see increased responsibilities and roles for project managers. Participation in the sales cycle will be a major trend in 2016. In 2016, project managers will play a major role in the sales cycle. We expect project managers to be involved in the budgeting and balancing of schedules, even before the client signs the deal. In the near future, it is expected that team members will be required to assume additional roles and responsibilities.
3. Higher demand for certified project managers
Most organizations focused on improving their project management skills in 2015, especially in the IT industry. This trend is expected continue in 2016, but the preference will be given this year to certified project managers due to the increased complexity of IT projects, the emergence and cost of new technologies, as well as the increased cost of projects. Certified project managers will have a better chance of winning the job race.
4. 2016 – Big Year for Big Data and IoT
In 2015, the Internet of Things (IoT), was in the news. It is expected to continue this trend in 2015. IoT is gaining momentum and people are becoming more interested in this technology. Project managers can capitalize on the popularity of IoT and integrate IoT into their existing systems to make the most of the data IoT generates. Big Data, on the other hand is expected to play a prominent part in 2016. Big Data will likely play a significant role in the project management process in 2016.
5. Mobility will be the focus
Cloud computing technologies offer new opportunities for project management teams. Project management teams have the advantage of being able to access data from anywhere. Project management teams now have the advantage of being able to connect to clients from virtually anywhere. This trend is expected to continue in 2016.
6. Cybersecurity will be a top priority
Cybersecurity will be a top priority for organizations in 2016, due to the rapid rise in cyber crime. Cyberattacks are becoming a major concern for organizations. Organizations are doing everything possible to protect their confidential data. Cyber threats can have devastating consequences for organizations that ignore them. We have seen data breaches in 2015 on the most secure systems, affecting millions of Americans. These data breaches have highlighted the importance of cybersecurity.
7. Design and innovative thinkers are essential
2016 is expected to see a sharp increase in the demand for designers and innovative thinkers. Organizations will seek professionals who can solve problems in innovative ways. In 2016, there will be many job opportunities for design and innovative thinkers.
8. Higher emphasis on programme and portfolio management
Portfolio and programme management is needed to bridge the gap between execution and strategy. Future project managers must be able to understand how different projects affect each other while still maintaining a strategic perspective.
9. Paperless project management will be given the death knell
Paperless project management is a key component of your success.