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Here’s my top list of collaboration books, with a few communication skill books added. These are the books I turn to over and over again.
This article:
1.Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers
2.Communicating Projects
3.Results without Authority
4.42 Rules for Employee Engagement
5.Business Networking: The Survival Guide
6.Conflict 101
7.Collaboration explained: Facilitation skills for software project leaders
8. Shine: How to Survive at Work and Thrive
9.Confessions of an Public Speaker
10.Generations, Inc. – From Boomers to Linkters – Managing the Friction between Generations at Work
11. Strategies for Project Sponsorship
12. Communication skills for project and programme managers

These are great for anyone who works in a project environment. However, they are also useful for managing teams.
Managers I have met believe that project teams should communicate and collaborate automatically. Sorry, that’s not true. For all the teams I’ve worked with, collaboration by default has not been the case. Communication is key to project success.
Do not assume that your project team will be able to communicate effectively and collaborate with one another. This list of collaboration books provides great tips on how to engage people and work together, regardless of whether you are a leader or a follower.
1.Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers
Anthony Mersino: Amacom (2nd Edition). ISBN: 9780814432785
Emotional Intelligence is a book I wish I had written. It focuses on the fact that even the most skilled project managers in the world can still fail to manage people effectively.
The author provides practical tools and self-assessments. I found it well-structured and focused on improving your skills.
It was a long time ago that I read and I still refer back to it. It’s a book that I recommend often.
2.Communicating Projects
Ann Pilkington: Routledge. ISBN: 9781472408327
Communicating Projects is a process-driven book that explains in detail the steps involved in communicating formal information about projects. A section is included on social communication tools.
This book is the most relevant to project management. It covers the best approaches to use depending on where you are in the project’s lifecycle.
Routledge assumed control of Gower and their back catalog of excellent project management books; this book is a favorite.
3.Results without Authority
Tom Kendrick, Amacom (2nd Ed). ISBN: 9780814417812
Project managers now need alternatives to command and control, which is an inefficient way of managing projects.
Results Without Authority is illustrated with examples from his own experiences that demonstrate how to get project work done by others without authority. Highly recommended.
If you want to work well with your team, it is important to be able to influence others and get results even when you are not in charge. This is my personal favorite book on collaboration.
4.42 Rules for Employee Engagement
Susan Stamm: Superstar Press (2nd Edition). ISBN: 9780979942884
This book contains 42 ways to engage others and communicate better. Although 42 Rules for Employee Engagement are not rocket science, sometimes we need to be reminded of what it takes to work well with others.
This book would be an excellent resource for anyone starting out in the workforce or taking on a leadership role in a team.
5.Business Networking: The Survival Guide
Pearson. ISBN: 9781292009377
Business Networking follows Brian’s journey to business success.