There are many security certifications you can obtain. Security is one the most sought-after IT skills. If you are a network engineer with CCNA Security certification, CCNP Security allows you to further your security and networking skills.
This week we examined whether CCNP Security is right for your career, the best CCNP lab setups, and the difficulty between two certs: Cisco DevNet vs JNCIA – DevOps.
Is CCNP Security worth the investment?
IT professionals with security skills are in high demand. CCNP Security is a great option if you are new to IT or need to refresh your skills.
CCNP Labs: What is the Best Setup?
Cisco CCNA is just one thing. Cisco CCNP, however, is another. To be able to pass the exam, you will need to have lab experience. Learn how to set up a perfect CCNP lab.
Cisco DevNet vs. JNCIA DevOps: Which is harder?
If you want to join DevNet, you will need two certifications. Here are the JNCIA DevOps certifications and DevNet certifications.
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