The Top Affiliate Marketing Mistakes
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No matter how much you get right when it comes to affiliate marketing, it only takes a few mistakes to undermine your success and to set yourself back.
If you’re currently making money from products online but it’s not to the extent that you imagined, then you may be wondering what it is holding you back.
Why aren’t you making as much money as all those bloggers who take photos of themselves in front of airplanes and private yachts?
Here are just a few of the common mistakes that may be holding you back…
The Product is too Generic
Are you selling an e-book called ‘Make Money Online’?
Well guess what…
So is literally everyone else.
Even if the actual product you’re selling isn’t being shoved down everyone’s throats already, if it’s generic, then you can bet that various different versions of it are.
Ask yourself how you can stand out and how you’re going to set yourself apart from the crowd.
Going in for the Kill too Early
This is a particularly big mistake people make when it comes to selling affiliate products through e-mail marketing.
If you have a product and you’re trying to sell it through e-mail, then it’s very important that you try to build anticipation and generate trust to begin with. Otherwise, why should anyone listen to you?
Why would they care?
You Don’t Believe in the Product
You don’t have to sell something life changing but you should at least have faith that the product you’re selling is good.
However much you try to pretend you love that 3 page e-book you’re going to find that it comes across that you aren’t 100% committed.
If nothing else, having a product that you genuinely believe in will mean you have more good points to mention about it.
In an ideal situation, you should be trying to sell a product that you have bought and used yourself.
You Don’t Have a Route to Market
Finding your route to market is one of the big keys to success with affiliate marketing.
This is the way you’re going to connect with your target demographic.
Identifying this route to market is one of the very best things you can do right from the word go and in fact you should have this in mind even before you have selected your product.
Follow these tips and you should see your profits start to go up!
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