• Learn and understand the PMP Handbook.
  • Get my PMP Certification Newsletter for Free.
  • The PMP Exam and New Project Managers: A Rant.
  • Learn more about the PMP Audit Guide.

2) Plan Your Studies. Now that you are familiar with the PMP Certification and why you might want it, you can plan your approach. Steps to take:

  • Learn more about my PMP Study Process.
  • Choose your preferred PMP Certification study resource.
  • Plan regular study sessions and determine your target date for taking the exam.

Execute your Plan Time to get it done. You will be successful if you put in consistent effort and follow your plan. Steps to take:

  • You must hold yourself responsible for your PMP Certification study plan. If possible, have someone else hold you accountable.
  • Schedule your exam for your target date. It will keep you focused and motivated.
  • If necessary, adjust the plan. Your PMP certification is a project. Sometimes we need to adjust plans after we start working on our projects.

4) Get additional help There are many resources that can be used in addition to the core study materials. These will increase your confidence and increase your chances of success with the PMP certification. Extra resources:

  • PMP Simulator: 1,800 high-quality sample questions for you
  • PMP Exam Formula Study guide: All the formulas that you need to know in order to pass the PMP exam
  • PMP Flashcards: 1,750 flashcards to help you prepare the PMP exam