Andrew Boeres is a Wittenberg University student and Cengage intern.

77 percent of former and current college students are concerned about their ability to find the right career path after graduation. Cengage Unlimited Career Center can help students find the right career after graduation and also help them develop the soft skills employers are looking for.
These activities and resources are my best friend. I can do them at my own pace and at my own convenience. It’s a huge advantage to be able prepare myself for the professional realm while also managing my schoolwork, social life, and other responsibilities. Some of my favorite topics include organization and planning, communication, interview preparation, and communication.
Organization & Planning
Students will agree that planning is essential for academic and professional success. To achieve your goals, you must plan effectively for semester-long projects, homework assignments, as well as the amount of studying required to pass exams. The course that I enjoyed the most was ‘How S.M.A.R.T. What are your goals?
In a matter of ten minutes, I was able to acquire a broad range of skills in creating, measuring, and timing that I needed to reach the goals I set for my post-graduation. I have a 6-month plan that I know I must follow to succeed in my senior year.
Interview preparation
Interviews are only possible if you can answer specific job-related questions. Your students will be more successful if they know how to ask the right questions. There are many courses in the Career Center that will teach students how to ask the right questions to interviewers and help them find the right career. These courses were helpful in helping me determine the right questions to ask when I was applying for my internship.
What will this internship do for me?
Which personality types are most successful in this environment?
What internships can I do to help me achieve my personal goals?
These courses taught me that interviewers are not just interviewing me but also me. Based on my experience, there is no better place to learn interview skills than the Cengage Unlimited Career Center.
Your students can access a whole universe of career and academic resources through the Cengage Unlimited subscription. They can also access the Career Center from the same application that they use to access their course materials. In all four years of college, I have not been provided with such a wide range of resources to help me prepare for my post-graduation life. My professors will be able to recommend courses that will strengthen my soft skills and set me up for a great career in the coming school year.
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