Your resume will gain more weight if you are able to pass the certifications. Not only does it show your commitment to your career, but certifications also help you build skills and confidence for your professional life. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer certification is not easy to pass. To pass the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer exam, you will need to prepare with the right study material and guide. You don’t need to search any further if you’re looking for this certificate.
This blog will provide you with all the details of the exam and suggest the best study resources. We are confident that you will have all the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam information by the time you reach the end. The complete exam format will be provided, along with other important details for candidates to know before they sit for the exam. So, let us get started.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Certification was designed to provide a comprehensive experience in customizing and configuring data for the Marketing Cloud. You will also gain knowledge in subscriber management across channels and the ability to troubleshoot different programmatic languages that are used to guide the design of tactical and strategic email campaigns.
You will also experience the work culture as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer. You will be able to create personalized, dynamic messages and landing pages using Marketing Cloud scripting languages. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to experience data manipulation, segmentation, reporting, and analytics. Let’s now examine who should take this exam, and what skills you will gain from it!
Who should take the exam
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer program is for developers who have had experience in Marketing Cloud development. First, candidates who plan to take the exam need to have demonstrated experience in the administration and configuration Marketing Cloud Email applications. This can be demonstrated by passing the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam.
Additionally, the certification is targeted at Marketing Cloud Developers with experience in creating dynamic, personalized marketing assets like emails, landing pages, forms, and forms leveraging HTML and CSS. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer also has SQL proficiency and experience using Marketing Cloud APIs.
Additionally, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers are expected to have at least one year of experience in developing for Marketing Cloud and its associated tools.
Not expected to be able to use MobilePush SDK or Journey Builder SDK. You will not need to know custom components or how to configure Marketing Cloud Connect.
Skills acquired
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Skills are what a candidate will learn.
First, to configure and set up data models (data extensions or shared data extensions), Contact model
secondly, To configure data import.
Also, To work with customers or platform data (SQL views, Send Log).
Further, you can also learn how to write basic SQL, including join queries.
The next step is to create dynamic, personalized marketing materials using various scripting languages.
Additionally, To create Marketing Cloud web experience (data form, custom preference pages).
Further, To explain subscription management.
Lastly, to resolve and work through scenarios using SOAP API and REST API.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Exam Format
Below is a summary of the exam format for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Designer.
First, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the exam’s name.