Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Exam is designed for administrators who are able to configure Marketing Cloud products using industry best practices. Candidates are familiar with the data structure used in subscriber data management and can navigate Setup. Certified Marketing Cloud Administrators are able to troubleshoot account arrangements and user requests.
Skills acquired
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator candidates should be prepared to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, experience in the following areas:
Digital marketing requires knowledge of compliance and governance
Identify security best practices in data management, users, permissions, and other areas.
Implementation of account configuration, including business unit structure, permissions and security
Management of subscriber information
Evaluate data quality
Configure Marketing Cloud products (builders and studios)
Troubleshoot account configuration or user request
Account Monitoring (Super Messages Users, Activities, Users) (auditing and reporting, notifications).
Knowledge of Marketing Cloud Extension Products and Features (Datorama Interaction Studio, Audience Builder etc.
Information about Marketing Cloud integration options (FTP, API and MC Connect).
Simply put, becoming certified will help you ensure that your company is able to use Marketing Cloud effectively. You will be able to create one-to-one customer journeys via email, social media, advertising, and mobile. You’ll also be able create a seamless experience across sales, marketing, commerce, and customer service.
Who should take the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam
TheSalesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator should have knowledge of the features and configuration options available in Marketing Cloud. Candidates must be able to manage the Marketing Cloud platform, respond quickly to business needs, and perform administrative tasks within Marketing Cloud. Candidates should also have at least three to six months experience in managing a Marketing Cloud instance, and previous experience with digital marketing.
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Study Guide
The following steps will help you prepare for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam. Let’s start with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam Guide.
Exam Objectives
Reviewing the exam objectives should be your first step. Before you start preparing for the certification exam, ensure you are current with all exam information. Certification exams are constantly updated with new technology. The Official Salesforce Website is your first stop. Visit the site and compare if you are on the same page. If not, make sure you have all the latest exam information. Also, objectives are important so make sure you follow this step.
Salesforce Study Guide
Next, refer to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Study Guide. The Exam Outline, as mentioned previously, is the most important part any certification exam. The study guide also contains the exam outline. You should also check the study guide for any important notices.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Trailhead
When it comes to Salesforce, the most important aspect of your preparation is Trailhead. Trailheads are, in fact, very important.