Rackspace, a managed cloud service company, has updated its Compass management software for Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS). It now includes more than 350 automated best practices checks and other features.
Compass offers Rackspace customers cost management, security, compliance, AWS usage and AWS inventory services.
This tool is part the company’s Fanatical Support for AWS offering, which was first revealed a year ago. Organizations can receive automation, tooling and support from Rackspace’s 100 AWS-certified engineers.
The company announced last week that Compass has been enhanced to include more than 350 automated Best Practice Checks (a 7x increase in the previous version) as well as new functionality for advanced cost optimization and security, inventory management and utilization monitoring. These features, along with the wider portfolio of Fanatical support for AWS tooling, provide a comprehensive capability set for managing AWS environment.
Rackspace emphasized the cost management capabilities of Rackspace’s tool. It said it provides business insights like AWS spending trends and ways to “rightsize”, underutilized resources, recommendations for purchasing Reserved Instances, and aggregated spend analyses across multiple dimensions.
Rackspace partnered CloudCheckr, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, to make use of the AWS governance and tooling technology of CloudCheckr in Compass and Fanatical Support for AWS.
According to Carl Brooks, a 451 Research analyst, “Cost optimization is a key component of process and management when using AWS.” “Having it automated and made available on demand in this manner is a sought-after service capability.”
All AWS Fanatic Support customers can now access the upgraded Compass.