Qumulo is a provider of file-based storage solutions that are highly scalable and can be extended to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Tuesday’s announcement by Qumulo File Fabric (F2) made it available immediately on AWS. Qumulo File Fabric (F2) is designed for data-intensive companies — Qumulo’s current customers include entertainment conglomerates and medical research universities — QF2 can store billions of files at a third the cost of traditional storage solutions.
Other QF2 features include data mobility between cloud and on-premises environments as well as real-time analytics and continuous cross-cluster replicating. Qumulo’s proprietary database management system is used to run the solution, which it claims is optimized for file-based data.
Qumulo’s file storage service was only available on custom-made appliances prior to Tuesday’s announcement. Qumulo stated that the availability of the file-based storage service on AWS allows customers to take advantage of cloud computing capabilities, such as serverless computing and GPU arrays.
In a prepared statement, Peter Godman, founder and CTO of File-Based Workloads, stated that businesses are looking for solutions to help them move and share file-based workloads from the data center to the cloud. We saw a gap in the market and created a more intelligent file storage system that can scale both performance as well as capacity on the cloud. There are no hard limits.
AWS QF2 is available in two flavors. A standalone mode is available at no cost with storage capacities up to 5TB. Cluster mode is available for more intensive workloads. It can accommodate clusters of four to 1,000 instances. Cloud users are charged based on their usage duration and capacity.
You can find more information about QF2 on AWS here.