You can manage your resources like never before
The new update is a great tool for project managers! ActiveCollab 5.9 introduces two new reports to help you better manage your team’s workload and resources.
The Projects Timeline Report allows you to see multiple projects on one page. This is because project managers often manage multiple projects simultaneously. To be able to allocate your resources effectively and avoid bottlenecks, it is important to have a clear overview of all tasks and projects. It is important to know how much work lies ahead so that you can plan accordingly. What if you have 40 or more projects at once? It’s not a good idea to have multiple projects at once. This will help you distribute tasks evenly and avoid overloading your team. The timeline allows you to quickly and easily collapse task lists and change the start and end dates of tasks. You can plan collaboratively by gathering your team in front of a television and going through each project. Although it can be difficult for clients to visualize time and work, once they see the timeline, they will be able to agree on dates. Select the client’s projects, take a screenshot and send it to them. Team Timeline Report
The Team Timeline Report allows you to quickly see if someone has been assigned tasks in another project. You first schedule the project on the Projects Timeline. Then, use the Team Timeline for assigning tasks to people. You can manage tasks from the timeline, and arrange the dates so that all of their assignments don’t fall under the same date. This report gives you a quick overview about all tasks that someone has for the day. You can also rearrange the dates so that they don’t fall under the same date. With the Team Timeline you can create more realistic projects because you know how busy each member of your team is. This information can be used to determine when and if you should start a project. Comment if you have any suggestions for improving the reports to make them more useful. ActiveCollab would love to hear your ideas on how ActiveCollab can make you more productive. Get our free guide to managing digital projects.