The new update includes major new features such as the Client+ role, integration with Slack and a custom date range to report. ActiveCollab now has a section called “New Features” so that you don’t miss any major updates in the future.
You can collaborate even closer by giving your clients the Client+ role. They will be able create and assign tasks and you will be able assign tasks to them. You won’t see hidden tasks or other items in ActiveCollab so they can collaborate even closer. If you have 5 members and only have 2 seats available, you can give the Client+ role to a client.
You will receive project updates in your Slack channel whenever a task is created, completed and copied/duplicated.
Time and expenses are tracked
A user is invited when they accept an invitation
If “All projects” is selected, a project can be created
We recommend that you create a separate Slack channel for updates only (so you don’t get overwhelmed). You should create a separate Slack channel to receive updates only.
You can now select custom dates for Time and Expense reports.
ActiveCollab will show a small red dot near your name. It will appear whenever we release a major feature or improvement. You’ll always know what ActiveCollab is doing when it happens.