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Wanting the most out of life.
From the time we leave school we look to increase our lifestyle, through getting a job, owning a brick and mortar business and for some working on the internet.
I have done most of this!
From having a full career in the Royal Navy, to driving lorries (Trucks) around the country (UK) and now earning on the internet.
I will not say it was easy because I did not know where to start in-fact I just bumbled around, I will not say it was for nothing, because I built a great knowledge of Working and Earning on the Internet and of course I have built up a large library of ebooks and software, of which I will pass on to you at little or no cost.
Is there a formula for getting that pay check?
Of course there is.
But be warned there are many people out there in the internet world that will send you their “push button, secret, super powerful, you don’t need to work for it formula”.
These do not work.
Its simple if you do not do any work on the internet your business will fail.
What is my formula?
With all the information that I have collected they all point to one thing, ADVERTISING, which means getting the word out, talking about your business and building a members site.

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