Is Master of Project Academy REP an ATP? This question can be answered in a few words: “Master of Project Academy courses are approved and recognized as a source of PMI education.”
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Let’s talk about the long answer to “Is Master of Project Academy ReP or ATP?” We will explain why Master of Project Academy REP status is so important and what it means. We should also explain the REP and ATP concepts to people who might not know about them.
If you plan to take one of the PMI certification exams (PMP or CAPM, PMI – ACP… etc. ), then you must attend a training program. You must complete a PMI-ACP training program. You must ensure that the training provider meets the PMI education requirements when you search for a provider. Your application could be rejected if it is not. PMI recognizes education providers in a number of ways. One way is to become a REP.
PMI REP Program – PMI changed the REP program, and the new name is ATP
REP stands for Registered Education Provider. PMI changed the name of the program to ATP. Authorized Training Providers (ATP) are education providers that offer training for PMI certification exams. To become a PMI ATP, there are some requirements.
The training organizations must have been in business of providing certification training for at least three years.
The organization must have the appropriate certifications for training instructors. A PMP instructor, for example, must have PMP certification.
The content of training materials must comply with the PMBOK and other standards.
For maintaining their ATP status, ATPs pay an annual fee for PMI.

PMI reviews ATP applications and conducts ongoing reviews for the upcoming year when renewal time comes. The PMI database contains the courses of PMI ATP training providers so that you can easily select which training program you are enrolled in during your certification exam application. This does not guarantee you will pass the PMI audit. Students are misinformed about the PMI ATP designation. They believe that if they sign up for a PMI ATP training program, their application won’t be audited. This is false. PMI will randomly select applications, regardless of how comprehensive your application is. Even though you have attended an PMI ATP program, they may ask you for education details.
Is it mandatory to attend my certification training at an ATP?
It is not. Of course