Are you or your students feeling stressed out by semester burnout? We can help you prepare for mid terms, your first exams, or mid-semester progress check. Keep strong with these tips to help prepare for midterms, encourage students to study, and more!
Keep reading to learn how WebAssign can help you prepare for your midterms
Assess how your students are doing.
It can be useful to use the Class Insights tool before you start your exam preparation. You can narrow your focus to identify students who don’t understand key concepts.

Click ‘Class Insights” under class tools in left column of your course homepage to access My Class Insights. You can use My Class Insights to easily:
Identify the key topics that need to be improved: Use the status icons in My Class Insights’s first column to identify the topics students need assistance with. To identify the most difficult questions, click the blue “Details” button at the far right of each topic. This information can be used to tailor your lectures and study guides, as well as exams, according to your needs.
Find out which students are struggling. Start with your gradebook to get a quick overview of how students are doing in the course. Click on a student with low performance to open a grade summary. Click ‘Class Insights” next to the student’s name for more information on specific topics or assignments.
Instead of using the study guide, encourage your students not to use it and encourage them to practice on their own.
Not only is practice important before exams but also throughout the semester. Students can learn how to use My Class Insights and the Personal Study Plan to assess their performance and identify areas that need improvement. This encourages independent learning. This information can be used to help them take practice tests on topics they don’t know. To save time and help you prepare for exams, you can use WebAssign to administer practice exams.
Set up your midterm exam
After you have completed your class evaluation and are ready for your midterm exam, please follow these tips.
To make exam preparation easier, you can use existing questions. This is a quick way to set up your exam. You can use questions from your textbook that were created for previous assignments or shared with colleagues. These questions can be searched by using the drop-down menu in your WebAssign. The help page is a great resource if you need further support.
Do not forget to review your test settings. Midterm exams are different from regular assignments. Make sure you adjust your settings. You can disable extension requests for exams
Limit the number of questions you ask to one for true/false.
Consider how many times your students will need to take the exam. Determine if additional submissions will be allowed.

You can set a time limit: This is a great feature to use for closed-book tests or take-home questions to discourage students from looking up the answer. Click on the assignment to set a time limit. Next, navigate to the “Edit Restrictions” page and click on ‘Timed Assignment”. Our help page has some best practices.
LockDown Browser prevents cheating
The LockDown browser can be used to provide additional security if you are concerned about academic integrity. Click on the assignment to enable the LockDown Browser. Navigate to ‘Edit Restrictions” and select LockDown Browser Required.
Tip: Make sure to instruct students to use the LockDown browser before the exam. If technology is a concern, you can coordinate with your lab administrator in order to download the software onto your lab computers.
Manage and download your gradebook
You may need to make adjustments to your gradebook after midterm exams to reflect the current progress of your classes. You can:
Upload or enter assignment scores that were not administered by WebAssign to your gradebook.
Reduce the lowest assignment score
You can manually override or modify a student’s grade
Modify the grading scale for each letter grade
Save time by applying your gradebook settings for other courses
Download your gradebook

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