The world has changed. Why is this happening? Smartsheet transforms your work.

A Familiar Example?
Here’s an example. Your new client has a great kickoff meeting. You are able to feel the trust they have in you, which is exactly what they feel back at work.
Your client is confident that you have the ability to create the functionality they require. They are pleased that your team will do everything possible to deliver on time for their new product launch. They were so happy to share their concerns about other agencies’ shortcomings.
Your team is now working well and making progress two months later. You have missed a few calls from your client, and it is clear that something is not right. They don’t trust you to deliver on time, judging by the things they say and the way they say it.
What went wrong?
Commerce’s Axles Are Greased by Trust
I don’t think I have to explain why trust is so important for business. It is essential at all levels.
Personal level – between yourself and your colleagues
Contractual level – between yourself and your employer
Professional level – between yourself and other professionals
Agency level – between your clients and you
Industry level – between your organization and other organizations.
But what is trust and how do you build it?
The Trust Equation
UK). This book was written by Charles Green, Robert Galford, and David Maister.
This book, like all Maister’s, is full of useful information for anyone looking to make a career out of professional services. The Trust Equation is the book’s main contribution.
The Trust Equation is a simple formula for trust. These terms combine the components of trust in a common-sense manner. It is not a quantitative method that I would expect people to use. However, the authors use it to show how trust is being eroded by weaknesses in one or more aspects.
Here’s the Trust Equation in its first form:
Trust is the sum of your Credibility, Reliability, and Intimacy (I), divided by your Self-orientation.
In symbols:
T = [C+ R + I] /
Let’s now look at each component of the Trust Equation.
Credibility is the degree to which someone believes that you have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to provide the services they require. Credibility is built through experience, professional growth, and learning. You demonstrate your credibility through the quality of your work and your contributions to discussions.
The world has changed. Why is this happening? Smartsheet transforms your work.

Your clients’ ability to deliver quality work is not the same thing as whether you can deliver it on time and within the budget you have agreed. It’s all about reliability. Do they feel they can trust you?
Our mini case study showed us a classic example for an agency that is objectively reliable: “Your team is working well, making good progress.” Your client didn’t know this because no one had made an effort to keep them updated.
The client saw your reliability as questionable, and their trust in you was eroded. Ooops!
There are three levels of intimacy: with a client, stakeholder or other professional contact.
Professional intimacy – where your contact feels comfortable sharing professional concerns and confidants
Personal intimacy – When they are comfortable to share a little bit about themselves and their career aspirations.
Private intimacy – This is the deepest level of intimacy. Your contact will feel comfortable sharing their private insecurity.