We understand that choosing the right project management program for your business can be a difficult task.
Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have thousands of options. Our PM software directory lists over 700 solutions. New tools are added every day!

How can a small business navigate this ever-changing landscape of products?
Capterra’s mission it to help small businesses solve this problem. This is why we first reported on “Top 20 Most Popular PM Software Products in 2013”. Since then, we have produced this research each year for SMBs.
Although it may seem vague, “Popularity” should be the first thing small businesses think about when selecting software.
We’ll explain why you should evaluate popular solutions first. We’ll also look at the factors that we use to rank our Top 20 Most Popular rankings. Finally, we’ll show you how to use our Top 20 report for the best solution for your SMB.
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Why is popularity so important?
Why is popularity so important
It is difficult to choose the right software. According to a 2017 Capterra survey, more than 50% of SMBs believe that choosing the right technology is the most difficult part of planning a new investment.
It’s a great way for novice business software buyers to get started in the PM software market.
Popular products are a benchmark for market standards in terms of cost, pricing models and features. Knowing which solutions are most in demand across a variety of business models and sizes will help you make an informed purchase decision.
You can expand your search as you gain a better understanding of the market and your business’s specific needs. To filter products based upon the key features that your business requires, we recommend using our PM directory.
Not to be confused with “most popular”, but “best for everyone” doesn’t necessarily mean “best”.
The Top 20 Most Popular List is a list of trusted, consistent products. They can be used to help you see the whole market.

How can we determine popularity?
We’ve all seen “Mean Girls” and know what happens when popularity is based on subjective attributes.
Our Top 20 Most Popular ranking uses objective, quantifiable data points to show which products are gaining real market traction.
Our popularity score is calculated using the following factors: number of active clients, number active users, number reviews, and social media presence.
These metrics are combined to create a single popularity score, or market score, out of 100. Customers account for 40%, while users account for 40%. Reviews and social media presence account for 20%.
Major market players can quickly rise to the top by ranking products in this manner. It is clear which vendors have the most users, which products have earned the most customer loyalty, or which brands have sparked the most consumer interest online.
*Please refer to our methodology page for a more detailed explanation.
The Top 20 Report through the Years: Our first “Top 20 Most Popular PM Software” report was published in 2013. Our most recent version was published in June 2018. To view the history of the versions, click on the dropdown below the infographic.

View the version history for our Top 20 reports, from 2013 to present (Source).