Think about all the new technologies, best practices, and innovations that have emerged since ITIL(r), v3 was published in 2006. The IT landscape has changed. All of these IT landscapes have changed: Agile, DevOps and cloud computing.
We have good news: ITIL is updating. Version 4 of the industry standard was released February 28, 2019, and specifically addresses the new technologies and best practices that go along with digital transformation.
What should you do if ITIL v3 certification is not granted? ITIL(r) 4 Foundation Bridge, a new Global Knowledge course, addresses the specific needs for professionals who have already obtained the ITIL v3 Foundation certification but wish to upgrade to ITIL 4.

What will you learn?
ITIL v3-certified students will learn the most current best practices in ITSM management (ITSM), as well as the new terminology used by organizations within ITSM. They will also learn how DevOps and Agile are affecting ITSM. This bridge course will highlight the key differences between ITIL 4 and ITIL 3. It will also provide instruction necessary to pass the ITIL 4 certification exam.

Who should attend?
ITIL(r)4 Foundation Bridge is for anyone who is ITILĀ® v3 certified or has ITILĀ® v3 Foundation certifications and wishes to move on to the ITIL Managing Professional or ITIL Strategic Leader certifications. Both will be available in summer 2019. This course allows ITIL alumni keep their certification current.
ITIL v3 & ITIL 4 overlap in many subject areas. ITIL-certified professionals can easily upgrade to ITIL 4 with this bridge course without having to complete the Foundations course.
We recommend that you take our ITIL(r), 4 Foundation course if you are not ITIL V3 certified.

What problems will this course address?
ITIL v3 certified people will not need to retake Foundations. They can instead complete this one-day bridge course that includes an ITIL 4 exam voucher. They’ll be able to leave this class ITIL 4 certified.

What will it mean for your career and job?
ITIL certification shows that ITSM professionals have been trained in best practices and how to integrate them at an organizational level. This allows them to save time, reduce waste, and avoid costly IT rework.
ITIL certifications are often well-paid. ITIL v3 Foundation has been consistently one of the highest-paying certifications for the past decade. ITIL v3 was ranked 19th worldwide in salary in 2018 while it was ranked eighth in the U.S.
ITIL professionals are in high demand as ITIL experience is more closely linked to the business’s needs. ITIL 4 Foundation Bridge allows ITIL-certified professionals to upgrade their skills without needing to start from scratch.

Upgrade your team and save up to 40%
This course is ideal for eight or more members of your team. You can save up to 40% by enrolling them all. This course is a great way to upgrade your entire ITIL 4 team. Offer ends March 29. Learn more

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