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This powerful 25 module video series with 36 videoscovers the following:
Module1 – Overview of System

In this 15:53video, you will learn how to make money onlinewith no out-of-pocket expenses.
Learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing: what it is and howtoeffectively use it.
Become acquainted with useful strategies that will help yougaintraffic for your affiliate site.

Module2 – Finding Your Niche To Promote

In this 28:06video, you will learn about profitable nichemarkets and how to find the most lucrative niches.
Finding profitable niche is easy to do, all you need iscommon senseand an internet connection.
There are many, many sites that can help you infinding profitableniche markets and topics to focus content on.

Inthis 10:23 video you will learn how to become anaffiliate and the steps in promoting a product.
Affiliatemarketing works for physical and digital products, bothmethods are covered.
The process for signing up for Amazon Affiliatesand Click bank areexplained and demonstrated.
Focus on one product at any time to maximizeprofits for the work youare doing.

Module3 – Software and Services Needed for System To Work

In this 20:26video, find out what kind of preparation isneeded to start making money with Affiliate Marketing.
Set up an email account for this specific producteffort, you will beusing many different websites so having a dedicated email will helpwith organization.
Free website builders are great resources to helpincrease profitsform Affiliate Marketing.

Inthis 10:23 video, you will learn how to obtain your own domainname through paid options.
Paid domain names are useful after utilizing freedomain names.
Good for long-term investments.
Module4 – Content Creation

In this 15:05video, learn how to create topic appropriatecontent for the product you are promoting.
Product reviews are great for bringing in trafficto your site, thistutorial will cover how to write a successful review.
There are many tips and tricks you can use tostreamline yourreviewing process, increasing your overall profits.
Utilize websites that find keywords you can useon your affiliatewebsite to increase traffic.
Module5 – Set-up Listwire Account for List Management

In this 6:57video, discover what auto-responders are andhow they help your affiliate sites run smoother.
Create a free listwire.com account to help runyour website while youare working on other projects.
It is imperative that you give listwire a validpostal address orelse your account will not function properly.
Module6 – Grab your Clickbank and Amazon Affiliate Link

Inthis 3:54 video, you are shown how to grab your ClickBankaffiliate link and use it on your free webpage.
Utilize notepad or other word processors to storeyour affiliate link.
Test your affiliate link to ensure that you arereceiving credit forany purchases made through your website.

Inthis 5:14 video, you will learn how to grab your Amazonaffiliate link so that you may use it on your website.
Utilizenotepad or other word processors to store your affiliate link.
Amazon offers many ways for you to use youraffiliate link, offeringtext and image options.
Test your affiliate link to ensure that you arereceiving credit forany purchases made through your website.
Module7 – Setup of Your Free Site On Weebly (Amazon and ClickbankSetup)

Inthis 12:53 video, find out how to set up, post on, andedit your Weebly website.
Settingup your weebly page and posting your product content is quickand easy to do.
Figure out the basics of getting your websitefilled out withrelevant content to increase traffic.
Check your site links to make sure everythingfunctions properly.

In this 14:26video, see what you need to do in order foryou website to look clean and professional.
Utilize a free stock image website to give yourwebsite a clean andcrisp appearance.
Create and add product content to a blog pagehosted through yourWeebly webpage.

Inthis 16:39, find out how to setup weebly for your amazonproduct.
Customizeyour affiliate website for your amazon product to maximizetraffic.
Post product content to your affiliate website ina clean,professional manner.
Utilize HTML code to increase the quality of youraffiliate website.
Module8 – Create Your Free Report for List Building

Inthis 26:04, you will create a free report to give away inorder to get email addresses onto your list.
Freereports are great ways to set up long term income that you willdefinitely want.
Use existing articles to create a report of youraffiliate productthat will act as a “legal bribe.”

Inthis 1:41 video, you will see how you can create a freereport for amazon products.
Websitesthat offer the use of articles for free are great forcreating a free report for your affiliate product.

In this 3:26video, learn how to upload your pdf file foruse in your auto-response email.
Downloadyour free pdf to integrate into listwire and save url toyour pdf to utilize on your affiliate website.
Module9 – Working With Listwire & Creating Your Optin Page OnYour Free Site for List Building

Inthis 22:09 video, you will set up your listwireauto-responder and integrate your free report with listwire.
Listwireis a free and easy way to increase the efficiency of youraffiliate website by using Listwire’s auto-responder.
When making an automated response, be sure tomake it polite andinformative.
Create email submission boxes for perspectivebuyers to request afree report.
Module10 – Traffic Generation Overview

Inthis 12:43 video, find out how to make your affiliatewebsite bring in traffic.
Havea few articles, 400+ words, posted on your website to give it amore professional appearance and increase traffic.
Social bookmarking is a viable approach toincreasing traffic foryour site.
Create other blogs to funnel traffic back to youraffiliate website.
Module11 – Traffic With Social Bookmarking

In this 20:07video, check out buddy marks and find out howto best use it to increase traffic for your affiliate site.
Use a content rich internal link to ensure thatyour link is nottaken down.
The more social bookmarking sites you utilize,the more exposure youraffiliate site will receive .
Social Bookmarking is an excellent method ofincreasing traffic toyour affiliate site.

Module12 – Traffic With Article Marketing

In this 21:12video, you will be shown step by step how tobest utilize article marketing to increase traffic to your affiliatewebsite.
Submit your content articles to articledirectories that will hostand link back to your affiliate site.
Create an author bio that will make you stand outamong other authorsand add to your professional image.
Article directories may take a few to severaldays before you contentis reviewed and posted.
Module13 – Traffic With Blog Commenting

Inthis 14:37 video, explore the concept of blog commentingand how to utilize this method of promotion to increase traffic to youraffiliate website.
Spam comments will not help increase yourtraffic; post only qualitycomments to lure in more traffic while also adding to the community ofyour product.
Find niche blogs that are closely related to yourproduct, thisgreatly increases the chance the links in your comment will be clicked.
Module14 – Traffic With Web 2.0 Sites

In this 26:57video, find out how to utilize web 2.0 sitesto drive traffic through your affiliate website.
Web 2.0 sites allow users to post their owncontent and host thecontent for free.
Include keywords in your web 2.0 site name thatwill rank you higheron google.
Customize your web 2.0 site to add legitimacy andgive your site aprofessional feel.
Module15 – Traffic Video Marketing

In this 16:37, youwill learn how to create a video that youcan post to youtube.
When utilized correctly, this method willdrastically increase thetraffic going through your affiliate site.
The method used here is completely free and canbe used on bothwindows and Mac computers.
Utilize articles you already have to create apowerpoint presentationthat will draw more traffic to your sites.

In this 11:48video, see how to clean up your powerpointpresentation so that you can post it to youtube and other video sites.
Adding animations to your presentation willincrease the perceivedquality of your video, which will draw more traffic through youraffiliate website.
Ensure that your presentation is in the correctorder and functionsproperly.
Use a screen capture software to record yourpresentation, creating ayoutube ready video.

In this 6:09video, find out how to submit your productrelated video to youtube.
Include good keywords in your title to increasethe amount of hitsyour video receives.
Include your Weebly link in the description.
Youtube puts a large focus on tags, keywords,which makes this methodperfect for niche markets.
Module16 – Traffic With Slideshare

In this 7:29video, see how to upload your slideshowpresentation to file sharing websites.
Posting your video content to high traffic slidesharing sites is agreat way of increasing exposure and traffic.
Include your niche market keywords when uploadingyour video to drawmore traffic through your slideshow and onto your affiliate website.
There are many different pdf sharing websitesthat you can post to,submit to any that will take your content.
Module17 – Traffic With WikiDot Pages

In this 10:12video, you will learn how to get more trafficusing wiki dot and how to find other wiki sites to promote and linkback to your content.
Wiki sites are user driven, much like web 2.0sites.
Your wiki dot site can be quickly and easilyupdated with any newcontent you produce.
Post articles with keywords and links to giveyour wiki dot aprofessional appearance.

In this 1:21video, find many other sites that function muchlike WikiDot.
All of these websites are easily found by goingto google and doing asearch for “Sites like WikiDot.”
After finding what other sites are out there,post to as many as youcan.
The more pages with your links in them, the moretraffic youraffiliate site will receive.
Module18 – Traffic With Ping RSS Feeds

In this 6:39video, find out what you can do to get yourwebsites indexed by pinging them with multiple mass-pinging websites.
Pinging your homepage as well as internal linksis an effective wayof promoting your content.
Add your niche market keywords to your pings toincrease the chance.
Submit your blog’s RSS feed to as many ping sitesas you can find.
Module19 – Traffic With Blogger

In this 6:15video, you will see how to create a free blogfor your affiliate product.
Blogger combined with effective niche marketkeywords will increaseyour affiliate website’s traffic greatly.
Post articles with keywords incorporated intothem as well as youraffiliate link and any other useful links that will create a moreprofessional appearance and increase traffic to your affiliate website.
Blogs are a quick and easy way to spread wordabout your content.

Inthis 4:12 video, see how to visually customize your blogand add gadgets to increase the perceived quality of your content.
Organize your gadgets to increase traffic to youraffiliate website.
Include your video content in a blog post to addmore traffic funnels.
Link up content with backlinks and update yourblog with keyword richposts.
Module20 – Traffic With Press Releases

In this 6:00video, find out how to create a press releasefor your content.
Press releases discuss any new events that you want toannounce tothe general public.
Include keywords in Press Release title thatgrabs attention.
When writing a press release, include links toyour website anddescribe the features offered on your affiliate website.

Inthis 9:05 video, quickly learn how to submit your pressrelease and other press release websites.
Use niche market keywords in your headline andsummary for your pressrelease.
Copy and paste your press release into the submitform, making sureto include your affiliate website links.
Add niche market keyword tags to your pressrelease.
Module21 – Traffic With Guest Blogging

In this 4:27video, learn about a method to grab new trafficby guest blogging for a similar niche blog.
Create a high quality article for a similar nichemarket blog thatwill include ever-useful back links to your affiliate website.
Search for guest blog opportunities using google and pursueanyopportunities in your niche market.
Submitting guest blog articles can be a somewhattime consumingprocess but you only need to submit a small amount of articles for thismethod to be useful.
Module22 – Traffic With Forum Signatures

Inthis 3:10 video, find out how to use forum signatures topromote your content.
The perk of using this method is that any postyou make on that forumlinks back to your affiliate website.
Post questions and helpful replies to increasethe amount of placesyour signature links will be seen.
Some sites require a certain amount of posts before you cancreate aforum signature.
Use forums closely related to your niche marketto increase theeffectiveness of this method.
Module23 – Traffic Recap

The tutorial series iswrapped up in this 1:12 video.
Proper utilization of these methods will yield successfulresults.
Take time everyday to work on new content for youraffiliate website.
Module24- Send Broadcast Messages To Your Email List

Inthis 4:03 video, see how to send out a List Wirebroadcast to your email list.
Using this method you can keep your affiliatelink fresh in yoursubscribers minds.
Keep your broadcast simple but effective by making themshort and toothe point including your affiliate link.
Send broadcasts at reasonable intervals, do notspam your subscribers.
Module25 – Take It To The Next Level – Your Long Term Strategy

Inthis 2:53 video, you will see how the long term strategyworks and advice on how to improve your affiliate marketing.
Invest money made from affiliate marketing backinto your operation.
Once you have started making money, don’t stopworking on expandingwhere your content can be found.
Never stop generating more traffic.
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