I am sure you have heard about the social network website called Facebook.
It is one of the most popular social networking websites on the world wide web today.
Businesses and organizations, amongst various others, have seen the extreme popularity of Facebook as a great business move that they should capitalize on.
Facebook has more than 1,310,000,000 members as of today, and the popularity of Facebook continues to grow on a daily basis.
For this reason alone, it is no wonder that advertising on Facebook became popular.
If you are looking to advertise on the Facebook website, then here is everything you need to know.
Advertising on Facebook:
Advertising on Facebook is a brilliant idea, and it is an exceptional business move for any business to make.
Where else can you reach 1,310,000,000 individuals?
The only answer to that question is Facebook.
You can reach 1,310,000,000 on Facebook with your advertisement.
Advertising with Facebook is easy, and because of the increased interest in advertising on Facebook, Facebook created an advertising option.
Here is how it works:
You can reach an audience of over 1,310,000,000 individuals all over the world
With your advertisement, you can attach social actions, which means that the users who view your advertisement will be users that the advertisement would be most relevant to
You can create a demand for your product
You can easily and quickly create your Facebook advertisement with the ad creator
With the ad creator you can create text and image ads
You can advertise on your own website or advertise on the Facebook website
You can select a pay per click advertisement or an impression advertisement
You can watch the progress of your advertisement through advertisement statistics
Edit and modify your advertisement to increase your success
Your Facebook Advertisement:
Here are some things you will need for your Facebook advertisement
Decide whether you want to advertise on your own website or on the Facebook website.
You will need to have the link for the page you would like to advertise on
Prepare the text for your advertisement. Your advertisement title can be a maximum of twenty five characters and your body can be a maximum of one hundred thirty five characters.
Select a photo that you would like to upload and use for your advertisement.
Make sure the photo is relevant to your advertisement and that it is appropriate.
The image will be resized to 110px in width and 80px

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