Welcome to The Easy Ads Rotator
For years people have been under the thumb of Google Ads with you collecting pennies for you placing your competitors ads onto your website.
As these ads are linked to your Competitor, if your visitor clicks onto one of these ads you loose a customer that never returns.
Not only that Google ads can shut you down if you break one of their many rules.
With the Easy Ads Rotator you can place your own Ads onto Your own website and then you will collect up-to 100% of your own  commissions.
You are in total control of your advertising.
Around this page I have placed  CPA type adverts and Clickbank ads that I advertise, both are set to random back-ground colours.
You can append this script to your website to see how it works just copy and paste to the place you want the ads to show up.
Horizontal….<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScript” SRC = “http://www.my-work-at-home.net/EasyRotator/cgi-bin/ads-rotator.cgi?clr=0&t=h&k1=tom&k2=dick &k3=website”></SCRIPT>
Vertical…..<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScript” SRC = “http://Superinfosite.com/EasyAds/cgi-bin/ads-rotator.cgi?clr=0&t=v&k1=america&k2=america&k3=america”></SCRIPT>
And Of course placing images with…….
Vertical……<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScript” SRC = “http://Superinfosite.com/EasyAds/cgi-bin/ads-rotator.cgi?clr=0&t=v&k1=america&k2=america&k3=america”></SCRIPT>
Horizontal……..<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=”JavaScript” SRC = “http://Superinfosite.com/EasyAds/cgi-bin/ads-rotator.cgi?clr=0&t=h&k1=america&k2=america&k3=america”></SCRIPT>
You are able to advertise ANY Affiliate Ad.
If nothing shows refresh the screen.
Depending on what theme is set in your WP-Site colour and frame size differ do that the ads follow the theme

You can see from above how versitile Easy Ads Rotator can be, I have over 5000 diferent adverts going around my sites, as you get comfortable with the Easy Ads Rotator you will be able to change the script from your html pages.
I will send you an EBook that explains all the setting up please reed this first before jumping in the deep end as if you rush things you will be sending me emails telling me it does not work.
I have worked with this script for two years now and it works well, you will be amazed how flexable it is.
So that everyone can have a slice of the pie I will let this program go for as little as $9.95
If you do not know how to upload files to the internet and want to place your own ads onto your own site I would recommend you read the instructions first, if you are still unable to work things out try and ask a friend or send me support ticket ask me a question, if you are in a hurry I will upload it for you at a charge of $30.

Please do not buy this program and think you can claw back your money and still use the software as there is a security partition in the program telling me who is and who is not using the program.

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