Don’t Send your Website visitors to someone else’s Website. Show Your rotating Affiliate Ads Which can give you up to 100% in Commissions instead of pennies using PPCs. "Sick And Tired Of Making Small change For Sending Your Visitors To Your Competition’s Website?"
With Easy Ads Rotator YOU rotate the Ads that Can Make You Money While Keeping Your Visitors
The Easy Ads Rotator comes with a comprehensive Instructional EBook
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Dear Website Owner,
I have some great news for you. Now you can easily put links going to any affiliate program you want on your web pages.

You decide what ads are displayed on your websites.

I’m sure you have seenAdSense ads on many websites;you probably have them on your own site right now.

If you do, then you know that the ads shown are matched to the content of your site.

Which means the ads on your site may be competing with you for the same customer!

If someone clicks on an AdSense link, your website disappears and that visitor could be lost forever.

How much are you making to send your potential customers away to your competition?

A few pennies maybe?
Or even worse advertise your site get the click rate up and Google shuts your advertising down for breaking one of their many rules.

Take Back Control of Your Content
Wouldn’t it be great if you could have full control of the ads displayed on your website?
Well, now you can.
You decide the ads you display; it’s your website after all.
By using Easy Ads Rotator you will experience many advantages over other (PPC) pay per click search engine feeds.

Easy Ads-Rotator Advantages
You decide what ads you want displayed Display any affiliate ads you want Show ads that could give you big commissions Have all the links open in a new window All ad links are cloaked Choose the colour of the ads to match your site Add your own images to all your ads!
Easy Ads-Rotator is a simple to use website script.
You just upload it to your website once.
Let it do it’s own thing as you get more adverts fill in the .csv file upload and away it goes again advertising for you 24/7
The Adverts that will display are random (this is something the spiders like) they are counted as new content
To show you how this works press my button

The Horizontal is best for your main body.
The vertical presentation is best for your side bar.
By adding images to your ads it gives a better perspective, all links are cloaked and opens a new window.
Bonus: Receive The Instant Commissions Playbook at no charge AND
Bonus: Receive The Affiliate Cloakerat no charge
Giveaway Rights To The Software Worth $27 Now here’s the kicker. . .
You Can’t lose with my 100% rock solid guarantee!
If you are not absolutely thrilled when you download Easy Ads Rotator for any reason at all
I will cheerfully refund your money. No headaches, no hassles, and no weasel clauses.
You’ve got 30 full days to check it out!
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That’s right! You can download Easy Ads Rotator within minutes for the unbelievably low price of $17.95.
If you do not think Easy Ads Rotator is worth this ridiculously low price, I will be glad to refund you every single penny. No questions asked.
Best Wishes, David Ledger Contact me
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