CTERA Networks’ data protection service on-demand is now available on Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS).
The CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection Platform allows enterprises to deploy file-level backup solutions that automatically protect applications and servers in the cloud.
CTERA stated that its offering allows enterprises to deduplicate or compress backups at the source. This results in network-optimized data protection in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, (Amazon VPC), which spans AWS Availability Zones as well as multiple cloud providers.
According to the company, its backup and recovery service can also be used by enterprises to save money by moving backup data directly from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) into Amazon S3-Standard Infrequent Access (Standard-IA), which results in lower storage costs.
Pricing for software and infrastructure varies depending on the option selected, but a $1,000 monthly subscription fee is charged regardless how many instances are launched after subscribing.
According to Jason Buffington, an ESG analyst, “The enterprise data protection game has changed as organizations increasingly embrace cloud as part of production and protection strategies,” the company stated. Organizations of all sizes are looking for better ways to protect the cloud-based data and workloads, as well as endpoints and ROBOs that were previously difficult to protect. CTERA’s cost-effective, secure, and scalable solution to in-cloud and cross cloud data protection is something to be proud of as organizations seek to improve their data protection in a constantly changing and distributed environment.