Local Government IT Leaders Share Their Insights on Remote Work

CompTIA’s Public Technology Institute held a conversation with local government technology leaders. They shared their insights and lessons learned to help other executives manage remote workforces. Local government tech departments have successfully deployed tools that allow employees to work remotely during this ongoing pandemic. Many cities and counties are still operating in virtual-first environments, with

To unlock growth, leverage supplier diversity programs

Organizations seek to increase their supplier network in order to better represent their customers. Supplier diversity increases the opportunities for economically or socially disadvantaged groups to be involved in the supply chain. Since a few years ago, corporate social responsibilities have been shifting. As organizations began to hold themselves to higher standards, they sought to

Lessons from Lockdown: How To Survive and Thrive In A Pandemic

According to IT leaders who participated in a “Surviving & Thriving” panel at CompTIA‚Äôs 2020 EMEA Member Conference and Partner Conference, COVID-19 forced IT companies to rethink how they approach customer engagement, support, and acquisition. The COVID-19 global pandemic caused increased demand for IT solutions and services. However, it also prompted IT companies, according to

Leeds is No. 1 on the UK’s 2020 Tech Towns List

CompTIA’s 2nd Annual UK Tech Town Index examined the landscape of employment opportunities and livability factors to determine the top 10 cities where IT professionals can live and work in 2020. This was in the midst of unprecedented circumstances. The factors that were considered included the number of IT job openings, projected job growth, and

Online Teamwork Success Strategies

Students learn more than what they gain from their research and the project they complete in group assignments. Students who are savvy will also learn valuable lessons about communicating clearly, setting up schedules and communicating effectively, and working together in a positive and proactive manner. They might also improve their leadership skills. Online courses offer

Student Perspective: Using Career Center

Andrew Boeres is a Wittenberg University student and Cengage intern. 77 percent of former and current college students are concerned about their ability to find the right career path after graduation. Cengage Unlimited Career Center can help students find the right career after graduation and also help them develop the soft skills employers are looking

Strategies to Connect with Your Psychology Students Online

By: Professor Julie Prosser, Psychology Department, Colorado State University Before 2020, it was exciting to teach Psychology on campus. There were large lecture halls filled with students eager for information and connections. I was enthusiastic about each class and proud to have formed the relationships. I was so present and engaged with my students. I