How to Collect Stakeholder Requirements: A Real-life Example

It’s always interesting comparing how other PMs manage projects. Let’s now see how we collected stakeholder expectations on a real project. It’s a software development project. It’s a large project for the fast-paced project life cycles we have. It was interesting to see that our clients were large enterprises. It has been involved in software

Enhancing employee effectiveness can help small businesses grow

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the primary goal is to grow in 2020. This could be revenue growth, customer base growth, product lines, or any other business objective. SMBs still face significant challenges when trying to reach their growth goals. How can SMBs overcome these problems and increase their output while reducing input? Through

The 5 Critical Elements to Measure Employee Effectiveness

Your employees are your greatest asset as a project manager and leader of a small business. They are more valuable than all your software, computers and coffee machines combined. Without you, computers, coffee machines, and cargo vans will rust away. Your employees are smart and have a strong brain. They can manage traits like charm,

10 Tips for Motivating Employees and Improving Retention

If you’re like most small- and medium-sized business leaders (SMB), you’re focused only on one thing heading into 2020: growing your company. It can be easy to lose touch with your employees in times of rapid growth. This includes onboarding many new employees, implementing new tools and distributing responsibilities. While you are focused on the

Cool Tech to Boost Employees’ Efficiency

Accessing the most recent technology was difficult back when I was a newspaper reporter. We were not able to use laptop computers until the late 2000s, when we were able to write and file stories from anywhere other than our desks. (This is a very important feature for reporters). We had to share an Apple