• Migrate from Parse Push To Amazon SNS
  • How to set up Parse Server in AWS using AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Transition Guide: Parse Analytics to Amazon Mobile Analytics
  • Welcoming Parse IoT customers
  • How to migrate an application from Parse’s Hosted Service
  • Exporting your data from Parse’s Hosted Service
  • Installing Parse Server on AWS
  • Migrate from Parse into MongoDB Cloud Manager or AWS

AWS appears to be investing more resources than its competitors in becoming a Parse substitute. AWS posted that Facebook recently announced that Parse will be shutting down and that users have one-year to migrate to other infrastructures. “We are working closely to Parse in order to provide a migration pathway. AWS provides many features for building and running mobile applications, including user identity and push notifications, storage, content delivery and testing, as well as mobile analytics. Learn more about this multi-pronged effort by interested mobile developers in the March 1 webinar, Migrating Mobile Apps From Parse To AWS.