• Amazon Cognito — Identity management.

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) — Object storage
  • Amazon DynamoDB — NoSQL Database
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), mobile push notifications
  • Amazon Mobile Analytics — Track app usage and other metrics.

Jon Dick, Xamarin exec, wrote yesterday that AWS and Xamarin take out the hassle of adding complex back-ends to your apps. This gives you a flexible, scalable, way to go mobile. Dick explained that you can use Amazon Cognito Cloud Sync, which synchronizes app states between devices, and Amazon S3 for cloud storage to access critical documents and content. AWS also offers guidance on how to use the new SDK. This includes instructions on how it can be installed and how to hook up with AWS services. The Xamarin SDK now supports C# in addition to JavaScript, JavaScript, Java. Node.js PHP, Python, Ruby, and Ruby. AWS recently added Unity support to iOS, Android, and.NET. This is used for game development.