What is CPA Marketing?
CPA Marketing is one of the most powerful, potent, precise and profitable, yet unexplored way to make money online. CPA stands for “Cost-per-Action” or “Cost-per-Acquisition”.
CPA Marketing can be simply defined as an online advertising payment model in which payment depends only on qualifying actions. CPA Marketing is one of the vital parts of Affiliate Marketing. In today’s world, where people are having access to all modern day amenities, CPA is a great assistance that enables them to make money as per their choice and requirements.
CPA Marketing provides you with various opportunities by which you can earn income as per your needs and preferences. In CPA Marketing, from the point of view of an Affiliate, you get paid for one of the following actions, taken by the user-1. Filling a form.2. Submitting the contact details.3. Providing an e-mail address.4. Subscribing for a free download of a product etc.
The most important benefit that CPA Marketing provides is that it enables you to make money even when you are not taking any certain action. In this case, all the efforts are put at the user end, and you get paid for all those efforts. The catch here is that you need to be smart enough to promote the right products by the right merchants.
In the CPA model, the affiliate has to face a considerable risk as income is dependent on actions being taken by the user, along with sound and exciting conversion rates. The problem for him is that he cannot exercise any control on the action capacity of the user, or the buyer.
Some publishers who have surplus inventory will often fill it with CPA ads. It has four main parties involved: the Merchant (also called the vendor), the Network (which helps in transactions), the Publisher (also called the affiliate), and the Customer (final user).
Now, let’s take a brief look at the different CPA methods. These will be very helpful in developing a better idea and understanding of CPA Marketing.
PPC- Also known as PAY PER CLICK or COST PER CLICK, it relies on paying the affiliate when the user clicks on a certain link, and thereafter, gets re-directed to a certain location.
PPL- Also called PAY PER LEAD, this type of CPA stresses on making a payment for leads being generated which implies No payment will be made for leads that don’t meet the pre-defined criteria.
PPD- Known as PAY PER DOWNLOAD or COST PER INSTALL, the advertiser is required to make a payment only when the user downloads a file that is required.
PPS- Known as COST PER SALE, this form of CPA Marketing stresses upon making the payment only after the sale gets completed. Unlike the other options, in this case, the affiliate gets paid after the sale is completed and authorized.
CPA Marketing relies heavily on Commission Networks. A good commission network acts as connecting agent that acts as an interface between the advertiser and the publisher. An effective CPA network gives both the parties an easy path to move ahead and benefit them in an equitable manner.
Traffic generation assisted with CPA Marketing
You are running a CPA campaign, then it is very important to know how to capture your visitors. You have a great offer to promote, and already set a highly effective landing page with a best-selling sales funnel. But when it comes to choose traffic sources, you need to be sure that offers and advertisers will accept that type of traffic.
Thousands of publishers daily effort is to find out the traffic sources to get a fruitful result with huge targeted traffic.
Free Traffic:
Free traffic take long time in order to start working, but they are free.
Free search traffic includes –
* Natural Search Traffic is simply mean that your web pages are indexed on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN that includes meta-tags, image tags and inbound links etc.
* With social media traffic, you can take benefit of Web 2.0 sites to get traffic to your CPA offer with direct and indirect approach of linking. You can link your CPA offer directly to Web 2.0 sites in direct approach. But in indirect approach, you can use Web 2.0 sites to create quality links.
* Article Writing Traffic refers to creating and stating your articles to the vital article directories and it is one of the best method to attract free traffic toward your CPA offer.
* Blogging Traffic is also well known in market-place for free traffic because search engines will rank them effectively.
* Joint Venture Traffic is a great way to increase your traffic dramatically using email or website traffic because hundreds of JV partners advertise the same CPA offer.
* Video Traffic is one of the top most methods to drive traffic via uploading your videos on the websites such as YouTube, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos and share them among your friends and channel.
You can also generate free traffic with Forum Traffic, Domain Name Traffic, Pop-Up Traffic and Podcast Traffic etc.
Paid Traffic:
You want instant traffic to your CPA landing page to become a successful online marketer, you can opt for paid traffic.
There are several paid traffic methods –
* Pay per Click Search Engine Traffic– It means advertiser can decide the commission which he wants to pay you per visits that are directed to his website.
* Pay per View Traffic- It works well because you can come out with what you want to advertise on the selected websites and blogs.
* Co-registration Traffic- It refers that you can purchase leads from other companies and numerous companies can give you a huge amount of single opt-in leads daily. Sometimes it can be 100,000 leads daily, so a publisher can earn more with this.
* Banner traffic- You are able to promote a CPA offer and create effective banner with killer headlines, images and calls to action such as “Click Here”. You can see an increase in your click through rate and traffic.
* Media Buys Traffic- Media buys works well only when your landing pages are completely tested. You can get tons of traffic with media buying for your CPA offers but it can be very costly.
Recycled Traffic:
You are running a CPA offers and already have a database that includes your past customers leads. You can reuse those leads to remarket them your new offers.
Recycle traffic includes –
* Email Traffic – You can send emails to your past leads at the time when click through rate of emails are higher and redirect them to advertiser’s website. You can use Pop Up windows to capture their attention. Pop-up windows increase your opt-in rates.
* Forum Traffic – You can grab attention of past visitors on your website because people love to talk about topics which are related to their niches. Thus chances to come back will increase if you approve them.
* Surveys and Poll Traffic – People like to give their opinions and express their views. You can motivate your visitors to become a part of your survey and if they join, they will come again to view results.
Viral Traffic: It is one of the most powerful tactics to generate huge traffic. Most of the time this type of traffic is free and becomes viral due to sharing. You can create an excellent video ad copy for your CPA offer with a clear call to action at the end of the video and share it on your website, video channels, among your friends and social media pages etc.
If your visitors like that video they will share with their friends and the same thing will be done again and again. With this method you can get a high volume of traffic at a time.
How to scale up your CPA Marketing Campaign.
There are so many affiliates who want to know about how to promote a CPA campaign and how to scale up their CPA marketing campaign to run a successful CPA business online. Scaling up your business simply means taking it from initial level to top level and generate a huge amount of commission with CPA offers.
You need to keep reading to know about different effective marketing strategies to escalate your campaign and earn good profit out of it. Here is a brief explanation of scaling up your CPA campaign to save your time and be more productive.
Amplify your keywords:
Running a CPA campaign and wanting more traffic volume to your website or blog, you can expand your keywords to get more volume. Here you will see how to expand and amplify your keyword to generate huge traffic.
* You can use long tail keywords which are longer and more specific keywords and are generally used when visitors are closer to make a purchase. This method will do great if you know how to use those keywords.
* You can use buyer keywords which are like bread and butter of search engine marketing. You need to learn how to target your visitor by having money in their hand to spend on your offerings.
* You can go for broad matching keywords to run your ads with relevant variations according to your keywords to attract more visitors to website in less time.
* You need to be creative and use outside-the-box keywords which are from similar industries.
New Traffic Sources:
You have created a marketing campaign which is well built in yahoo and generate profitable revenue (ROI). You can get more traffic if you use other Search Engines to market your offer such as Google, MSN and Ask.com etc.
Going into Google alone will increase new traffic dramatically if you do it in a right way. MSN can also help you in generating revenue if your CPA campaign is big. Other search engines, media buying and banner ads also works for your campaign in ways to making more money.
Work on Ad copy and landing pages CTR: To maximize the chances of qualifying action, you need testing for your landing pages and ad copy. You can split test your ad copy and improve with the higher CTR. You also need a well-constructed landing page to add huge benefits.This will increase your traffic volume with the chances to get more completed actions without putting extra efforts.
Negotiate for Higher Payouts:
You are scaling up your CPA campaign by expanding your keywords, using other search engines for new traffic and testing your ad copy and landing pages to get higher CTR in order to get better results.
You can contact your affiliate manager and say that you are working very well and want an increment in per qualified action payouts on the offer. Before doing this you need to search the other CPA networks that are offering the exactly same CPA offer and find the difference between payouts. With this many times you can get an increase of some cents or dollar per offer.
Tricks to effectively promote your CPA Marketing campaign.The success or failure of CPA Marketing depends on the sound implementation of the strategies. CPA strategies have to be formulated in such a manner so as to facilitate overall success of the business, along with achieving its objectives in the short run as well as the long run.
Every CPA Marketing campaign is basically designed to earn good income as well as develop a good database for the customers. From the business point of view, the most important aspect that you must keep in mind is that an effective CPA Marketing campaign can fuel your online earnings like never before.
Below here, we shall discuss some effective tricks that will enable you to channelize your CPA campaigns in the right direction.
Free give away reports-Give away reports are very important to capture the attention of your audience. It’s a well-known fact that if the visitors leave your website in the first instance, only1-2% of them are expected to come back for any purchase. Give away reports are organized pieces of information that provide details about the niche or market of operation.
Give away reports enable you to motivate your buyers to make purchase on your website. For e.g., if you are operating in the healthcare industry, a free report about how to manage weight after the age of 40 will be quite helpful for your customer engagement.
Effective Splash page-A splash page acts as an interface or a gateway before users can see the main content on your website. They often contain an introduction to the site, either in the way of a flash animation or a visual image that gives them a basic idea of the information that you will be providing them.
A splash page is also known as a splash screen. They are a good way to get customer’s attention and reduce the overall “Bounce Rate” of your website. The most highlighting feature of a splash page is that important news / updates etc. can be provided to users before they enter the site.
For making an effective splash page, you need to carefully analyze the market in which you will be operating. By doing this, you will be able to get the knowledge about the prevailing market conditions, and you can highlight all this information on your splash page to grab customer’s attention.
Use of social forums-Social forums are a great way to share different views about your existing business and how to scale up your profit earning capacity. Social forums give you a great opportunity to discuss the pathway for your business success and also know the basic obstacles that can hinder your business in the long run.
Find the exact requirements of your customers-By finding the exact needs of your customers, you are able to know the grey areas, what exactly needs to be addressed and how to formulate strategies for satisfying them.
If you are running a website from for a long time, you will be aware about your visitors behavior and what they need from your side. You should choose and promote CPA offers from your niche accordingly, so that it can increase your earning capacity as well as your customers feel connected as you have focused entirely on their problems.
Therefore, the crux of the entire CPA Marketing efforts lies in how easily and effectively businesses can relate to the problems of their customers, and solve them with due importance. The success or failure of all businesses lies in designing strategies that are focused on solving customer’s problems in the long run.  MORE!
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