In the past I have already suggested that Affiliate Marketing is effectively CPA by another name, it does not necessarily follow that CPA advertising and Affiliate Marketing are exactly the same, even though under both kinds of arrangement, the people at ‘the sharp end’, those who are doing the actual selling (for example, website or blog publishers) are often referred to as Affiliates.
Nevertheless, there are some crucial differences between Affiliate programs and CPA advertising networks.
Firstly, Affiliate Marketing programs are always focused on selling a product or service, and the Affiliate for such a program almost never receives any reward if no sale is made. Under a CPA based advertising arrangement, however, it is possible that the advertiser will be willing to pay for other events as well, either in addition to or instead of paying for every sale that is made.
For example, in many industries, advertisers are willing to pay for leads so that when a visitor goes to the advertiser’s site and completes an online form, the Affiliate who sent the visitor earns himself a commission for generating this highly qualified targeted lead.
It is also common for CPA advertising network websites to work in close partnership with their advertising clientele, whereas most sites that offer Affiliate products (such as deal with ‘advertisers’ (i.e. those who create the Affiliate products that they then promote and try to attract Affiliates to through sites like Clickbank) in a much more distant, ‘arms length’ fashion.
CPA advertising networks are, in this way, very client focused whereas the majority of Affiliate networks tend to be considerably more passive when it comes to the individual performance of their Affiliates.
As well as tending to be very focused on individual advertisers’ performances, CPA networks are also likely to work very hard to retain their Affiliated ‘sales people’, often by adopting the simple but expedient tactic of paying them extremely well and making sure that payments go out on a regular time tabled basis. MORE!
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CPA Marketing Do’s and Don’ts.
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CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action, where you will get paid when your visitors performs a qualified action.
It is also called as Cost-Per-Acquisition.
You are playing a role of a promoter to make your audience interested in your offers.
As many visitors complete the action as much higher payout you will receive.
To get higher commission you need to select product in which your audience is interested and similar to your niche.
You will get great results only when you do it in a correct way.
This article will help you to know what is good for your marketing campaign and what is not.
1. Join the best CPA Network: You want to make more money with you CPA campaign, firstly you need a reputable and trusted CPA network with highly converting offers. This CPA network will work as a mediator between advertiser and publisher. A good CPA network also provides you some analytical tools and tactics for your CPA Marketing campaigns that will help you to generate higher payouts.
2. Be Creative: Don’t feel restricted to use your creative genius. You need to do some creativity with your ad copies to boost your advertisement campaign. Being creative, you can add some extra effort to boost your campaigns and gain extra profit. You can include interactive title and image and a proper call to action to your ad copy instead of just connecting your ad copy to the web page where your visitors have to perform their action.
3. Market research: Many publishers feel that research is not an integral part of becoming a successful affiliate. But, contrary to this perception, research is of prime importance in the case of CPA Marketing. If you want to be a well-known publisher, you need to know about various factors like what to promote, how to find best offers, which offers provide you higher payouts, which CPA networks is best and etc.
4. Choose great offers to promote: You need to be sure that the offers you are promoting are demanded in your niche market and your visitors are interested in these type of offers. You should select highly converting offers to get maximum profit margins. Making a wrong choice of the offers to be promoted will give a wrong impression to your website audience, and consequently your earning will suffer.
If your visitors find the offer valuable they will do the qualified action.
Real value of offer makes it promotion easier, gets more traffic on your website and increase your earnings.
You can generate more money with your CPA Marketing.
1. Forget tracking your campaign: Never forget to track your campaign after a certain time period, because no particular campaign can work forever as per your desired expectations. If you really want to generate a pretty income with your CPA campaign, you should track each and everything such as higher density keyword, ad variations, landing pages and click through rate etc.
2. Not capturing your own lead: You are promoting a good offer which has a good Click through rate and gaining the desired results more than you want. All is set but you forget to capture your visitors email address for yourself. That means next time, you cannot be able to connect with your new visitors, and you also cannot promote them again. So make it easy for you by capturing their email addresses before sending them to the offers-page, this will make you able to promote and connect with your audience for new offers or you can use those leads for your own market.
3. Not pre-selling to your audience: You are running a CPA offer on your website, using advertisers landing page and not pre-selling your offer to your audience. Pre-selling is a great way to increase your conversions using landing page. You can do this by doing split-testing of your landing pages. You can also do blogging for your CPA offers. This can include images, colors and fonts etc.
4. Focusing only the higher payouts offers: You have chosen a CPA offers that are highly paid and now you are not getting conversion. Before selecting the CPA offer you need to measure the demand and competition of that offer in market-place. You can also set a criteria for offer selection such as niche, higher CTR and great payouts etc. By doing this, you will be able to find out which offers are highly converting with higher payouts.
Media Buying Opportunities with CPA Marketing Media Buying simply refers purchasing of bulk advertisement space and traffic from numerous websites’ network to establish ad for a fixed time or budget and use that space for you CPA offer advertising and redirect traffic to your CPA offer landing page through a banner or text ad.
It is a traffic generation tactic.
You want to drive more traffic to your CPA offer of and for your own products, media buying can be very affordable, laser targeted, and successful with great payouts.
If you act according to the rules and regulations, you can make a big profit.
Here are some advantages of media buying –
* You will hardly face any limitations regarding advertisement for your CPA offer.
* You can easily work-out with many things required for a good advertisement such as price and position etc. You need to try negotiation with Google.
* You can use countless websites to showcase your advertisements but you should know how to find them out.
* With small websites you will find less competition than a lot of platforms. Complete disclosure of different spaces where the advertisement will be shown.
So how can you buy banner advertising space for your CPA offer from small websites?
Here you will get point by point information to make your CPA Marketing successful –
1. Select an offer/market: You should firstly pay heed on choosing you CPA offers and then you need to find some relevant websites to that offers. You can also look for traffic sources according to demographics and geographic location and target them with multiple ad offers.
2. Finding Sites: You need to search for 20-30 small websites those that hold your targeted traffic. You can use these four steps to find approachable websites –
a. Google search: You can go for Google to search laser targeted terms and keywords to your steep. You should inspect traffic level of those websites on, Alexa and Google ad planner etc.
b. Google ad planner and Quantcast planner: You can state for the exact demographics you want and these will provide you a list of websites under that criteria.
c. Forums: On forums you can find out a cheaper banner advertising space.
3. Contacting sites: You can contact with small websites owner to purchase space on their website. It is a little bit difficult because only 10-15% of websites owner get back to you.
4. Deciding payment: At the time of promoting CPA offer, you need to know about the websites in which countries they are eligible and use this at the time when you calculate your traffic level.
You can purchase ad slots for a month that will not be rotated for a specific time and find how many impression your ad gets from that website.
On the basis of conversion and impression you can pay those websites.
You need to formulate a suitable termination clause, test with your landing page and ad copies to promote Your CPA offer and analyze your own credit before applying for credit terms.
Media Buying is a large advertisement market that can benefit you with huge traffic when you do it in a right way. MORE!
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