Why You Should Stop Selling to Internet Marketers and Start Selling to Silver Surfers
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Okay, this title was designed partly to get your attention…
Sometimes, selling to internet marketers is a great idea.
Internet marketers are generally willing to buy digital products, they are tech savvy, they have disposable income and they love buying books on making money because they will see it as an investment.
Everyone wins.
But when it comes to affiliate marketing, this niche is a little overcrowded.
There are a million e-books out there on making money online and counting.
How can you expect to stand out among that crowd?
The solution is to stop focussing purely on this audience and to start looking elsewhere.
For instance…
how about silver surfers?
Why Silver Surfers Are Your Perfect Demographic
Many of us think of the web as a ‘young person’s domain’.
In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.
There are countless silver surfers on the web today and as they start to lose mobility or leave their jobs, they will only spend more time on forums and in chat rooms.
This gives you a gigantic audience to market to and what’s exciting about that is that many of them have big disposable incomes and very clear hobbies and interests.
Moreover, they are getting sold to nowhere near as much as other demographics like the aforementioned internet marketer.
How to Sell to Silver Surfers
So how do you sell to silver surfers?
As an affiliate marketer, you first port of call will be to find a product that’s aimed at them.
This might be something like an ebook on ‘getting fit for over 70s’, it might be a book on a hobby that’s common for older people – it might even be a ‘make money online’ book aimed at the elderly.
Alternatively, you can also try selling health supplements, clothes and other physical products that an older audience might be interested in.
If you can’t find such a product on JVZoo or WSO Pro (good luck!) then you can always instead try contacting the manufacturer of a product you’d like to sell for them.
If they have a website with their details on, you may well find they’re open to these kinds of opportunities and business deals.
Silver surfers are of course just one example of a ‘lesser known’ demographic.
The real message?
Don’t just stick with internet marketers!
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Why Finding the Route to Market is the Key to Affiliate Success
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It is potentially possible to make big money from affiliate marketing and really it’s the closest thing there is to a ‘fool proof’ technique for making money online.
All you need to do is find a product that’s selling really well already, to emulate the techniques that others were using to sell it, and then to start selling it yourself.
If it worked for them, then there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t work for you too!
So if you’re trying to sell a product and you’re not getting any takers this can be very frustrating.
What are you doing wrong?
How can you fix the flaw in your plan?
One common way to increase your sales immediately overnight is to find a route to market.
Here we will look at what that is and why it’s often the magic ingredient in the affiliate marketing formula.
What is a Route to Market?
A route to market is essentially a method of accessing a specific demographic or audience that you are trying to sell to.
So if you have an e-book about knitting patterns, then that demographic is quite likely to be old ladies and more specifically, old ladies who enjoy knitting.
If you can find a route to that market – a way to communicate with them directly – then you can make a lot of money from affiliate marketing.Examples of Routes to Market
So in this example of the old ladies, how do you go about finding a route to market that will work?
The simple question to ask yourself is where these people hang out and spend their time – both online and in the real world.
Online you might have a few destinations.
Perhaps there’s a forum somewhere where people discuss knitting?
Maybe there’s a website aimed directly at ‘knitting fans’?
In the real world, examples might be the bingo club (not to reinforce stereotypes) or perhaps a knitting magazine.
If you can get your affiliate link into a knitting magazine of a circulation of 3,000 – then imagine how much money that could make for you almost overnight.
This is the power of finding a route to market and it should be an integral aspect of your plan.
In fact, you should identify several routes to market before you even select which product it is you want to sell!
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Top Tips for Writing an Effective Landing Page
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If you have an amazing product or affiliate product, then all you need to do is create an amazing landing page to sell it and then send people there.
It’s a very simple model and it works every time.
Or at least it does when you get the individual ingredients right.
One of the key ingredients here is your landing page and the text you use here.
This is your sales script and this is what you’re going to be using to make your product sound like something your audience has to buy right away.
So how do you go about writing in a way that really motivates people to buy?
Here are some top tips that can really help.
Use Questions
What can help you to engage people in your text more?
Rhetorical questions of course!
Just like that one…
A rhetorical question might not require an answer but it immediately feels like we’re being spoken to which makes us sit up and take notice.
What’s more, it makes us pause and reflect on what we’re reading which engages us more in the text.
Use a Narrative
Stories are highly powerful.
Few things have the ability to engage us or get us to emote in quite the same way that a story does.
When you use your stories in the right places, this will get your audience to read and keep reading.
Have you ever stayed up all night watching a film you didn’t enjoy?
That’s because you wanted to see how it ended; which in turn comes from our desire to listen to stories!
Allay Fears
Remember that as your reader looks through your script, they are going to have a little voice in their head going ‘yeah right’ and ‘heard it all before!
Your job then is to silence that critic and to explain why your product is different.
Instead of trying to avoid the possible criticisms of your product or service, tackle them head on and demonstrate why they aren’t actually applicable in your particular case.
Add Urgency
When you make a sales script, your goal is to encourage an immediate conversion.
You don’t want them to go away and ‘think about it’ because they’ll only be likely to buy in the short term once they’ve read the rest of your persuasive script.
Add to the urgency then by explaining that you only have X left, or that the price will go up soon.
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The Top Affiliate Marketing Mistakes
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No matter how much you get right when it comes to affiliate marketing, it only takes a few mistakes to undermine your success and to set yourself back.
If you’re currently making money from products online but it’s not to the extent that you imagined, then you may be wondering what it is holding you back.
Why aren’t you making as much money as all those bloggers who take photos of themselves in front of airplanes and private yachts?
Here are just a few of the common mistakes that may be holding you back…
The Product is too Generic
Are you selling an e-book called ‘Make Money Online’?
Well guess what…
So is literally everyone else.
Even if the actual product you’re selling isn’t being shoved down everyone’s throats already, if it’s generic, then you can bet that various different versions of it are.
Ask yourself how you can stand out and how you’re going to set yourself apart from the crowd.
Going in for the Kill too Early
This is a particularly big mistake people make when it comes to selling affiliate products through e-mail marketing.
If you have a product and you’re trying to sell it through e-mail, then it’s very important that you try to build anticipation and generate trust to begin with. Otherwise, why should anyone listen to you?
Why would they care?
You Don’t Believe in the Product
You don’t have to sell something life changing but you should at least have faith that the product you’re selling is good.
However much you try to pretend you love that 3 page e-book you’re going to find that it comes across that you aren’t 100% committed.
If nothing else, having a product that you genuinely believe in will mean you have more good points to mention about it.
In an ideal situation, you should be trying to sell a product that you have bought and used yourself.
You Don’t Have a Route to Market
Finding your route to market is one of the big keys to success with affiliate marketing.
This is the way you’re going to connect with your target demographic.
Identifying this route to market is one of the very best things you can do right from the word go and in fact you should have this in mind even before you have selected your product.
Follow these tips and you should see your profits start to go up!
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The Hard Sell – A Different Approach to Affiliate Marketing
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When you think of affiliate marketing, you probably think of people selling e-books and online courses through their e-mail lists and their websites.
Perhaps you might think of PPC advertising too.
The aim here is to start selling in big volume and to make 60% profit on every book and course you sell.
If you sell 100 e-books for $100 each, then that will be $600 profit – not bad!
Except when you look at it that way, it’s easy to see why a lot of people give up.
Even with 100 sales a week, you’d be making a pretty poor salary and that’s a lot to sell!
So what can you do?
One option is to entirely change your strategy…
The Big Ticket Items
There are two types of ‘big ticket items’ as far as most affiliate marketers are concerned.
One is to sell a very expensive product and get a percentage from that.
When you go this route, even Amazon becomes a viable way to make money as you could conceivably get a couple hundred dollars from selling a single e-book.
Better yet are the online courses, some of which could net you multiple hundreds of dollars for a single book.
Likewise, you have your ‘memberships’.
If you can sell a membership to a gambling site, a trading site or a bingo site, then in theory you can make profit for the rest of your life from those members and this can keep you earning for your entire life.
Alternate Strategies
These are ‘big ticket items’ and this then immediately changes your strategy.
Suddenly, it becomes much more worth your while to invest time and effort into making a sale.
What that means, is that you can justify picking up the phone and actually encouraging someone to buy, or potentially going to a conference and trying to persuade people to buy that way instead.
This might sound more difficult than selling the smaller items in volume but actually when you really commit yourself to a sale, you’d be surprised what you can accomplish.
Selling in person is actually a lot more effective in many cases.
With something like a membership, the price of ‘entry’ isn’t even that high.
Another option is to have a kind of ‘tiered’ approach to your sales, where you sell higher and higher priced items as your audience learns to trust you more.
This way you can start earning right away and potentially also make those killer sales.
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Selling a Physical Product vs Selling an Affiliate Product – What’s Right for You?
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When it comes to making big money online, there are two particularly popular and effective strategies.
One of these is to sell a product that you’ve created.
The other is to sell an affiliate product.
Either of these business models very much represents the pinnacle of making money online and should be considered the top of the pyramid.
Because when you make money from ads you are getting paid to refer customers.
These customers are worth much more to them, which is why they’re happy to pay you to send them their way.
When you sell a product of some kind though, you profit from the customer directly and you keep them on your site.
This is a far preferable way to get more from each customer.
But this still leaves you with two options: making your own product or selling an affiliate product.
Which is best?
Why Affiliate Marketing is so Popular
On the face of it, you might immediately think that selling a product you made is better.
This way, you get to keep 100% of the profit and you get to control the product and the way you sell it much more closely.
But what’s important to remember with affiliate marketing is that you will often actually get the lion’s share of the profit anyway, 60% is actually the standard here, but sometimes it can go up to 80% or even beyond!
So in other words, this is almost as good as selling your own item in terms of profit.
But what it does is to eliminate all risk.
That’s because you’re selling something that someone else created: in other words, there’s no need for you to invest time and/or money into creating a piece of software, an e-book or a course.
What’s more, there’s no risk that the product is a dud.
You can simply choose something that you can already see is selling really well.
From there, you can just select something that works in your niche and go from there.
So there are no overheads and no risk and at the same time this allows you to scale the volume up considerably.
You could be selling an affiliate product tomorrow if you put your mind to it.
So by the end of the year, you could be selling 365 affiliate products.
Can you say the same for products you created?
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How to Win at Affiliate Marketing on YouTube
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Many people tend to assume that the best way to handle affiliate marketing is through e-mail.
E-mail marketing and affiliate marketing make a good match because you have the chance to communicate directly with your audience in a personal way and convince them to click on your products.
This will give you a long-term route to market that you can then use again and again and if you have a big enough list that trust you, it’s almost like having a license to print money!
But e-mail marketing isn’t the only way to promote an affiliate product.
There are many other effective methods which can in some cases even be more successful depending on the nature of the product and the niche.
One of these is video marketing…
Why Video Marketing Works So Well
Video marketing offers a ton of advantages that makes it perfect for selling an affiliate product.
For starters, video marketing is something you can use to quickly start reaching a massive audience.
If you post a video to YouTube and you choose the right title, subject and description, then even without having built an audience prior, you can immediately get a thousand views or several.
What’s more though, is that video marketing allows you to very quickly build trust and convince someone to buy.
This works incredibly well because people get to actually see you and they get to hear you talk about why the product is so good.
Instead of being an anonymous testimonial, this is now a testimonial from someone they can actually see, who seems to be honest and who is even able to demonstrate evidence of what they’re saying potentially.
Then, all you need to do is to include your link in the description or to talk about going to your site (which will act as a landing page) and you can start generating lots of big sales.
Some Tips
Some tips to help you get this right are to:
•    Make sure your video looks professional but not ‘too slick’•    Dress smart, but don’t wear a suit or you’ll look like you’re trying too hard•    Get a good camera•    Try to be likeable and personable•    Provide real value in the video with actionable tips and advice•    Pick a product you really believe in to sell – this will come across in the video even if you’re acting
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How to Make BIG Money From a Free E-Book
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Want to know how to make a lot of money?
Give something away for free!
This might sound mad but actually it’s a tried and true strategy that has been a hallmark of business since time immemorial.
Just think about Starbucks – often you’ll pass one of their stores and find they’re passing out tasters of their various coffees or cakes.
Of course the reasoning behind this is that you’ll be able to see how delicious they are and then in future you’ll think about visiting.
In other words, they are demonstrating their value to you so that you’ll be more interested in going in in future.
Bloggers do this all the time too: by providing free content on your website, you demonstrate the value you’re capable of offering and this in turn gives your audience more reason to want to buy from you when you tell them you’re selling a course or an e-book.
But why not go even further with it… why not give the e-book away for free?
Why This Plan is Just Crazy Enough to Work
The thing is, we’re used now to getting free content when we visit websites.
This is nothing new, it’s not exciting and we don’t tend to get especially excited about it.
On the other hand though, we’re used to paying for our e-books.
So when someone sends you a completely free e-book, when you find one online, or when you find one on Amazon – you’ll probably download it.
This is especially true if it sounds genuinely good and if you really think that it can help you to lose weight/make money/find love or do whatever it is that it’s promising to do.
And once you’ve downloaded this free book, you will probably read it.
Monetizing the Ebook
As an affiliate marketer you have a very easy way to monetize that: by offering links to a number of products you can recommend throughout the book and really sell.
Now you know your audience is interested in what you’re promoting and all you have to do is make it sound great and give them the link.
If you have a mailing list then this is a fantastic strategy: just e-mail your list and say ‘check out this completely free book as a thank you’.
What’s even better is that your audience will be grateful and see it as a kind gesture!
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How to Become the Next Affiliate Superstar FAST
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When people start affiliate marketing, they likely have just one goal in mind: to become the next ‘superstar affiliate’ and to start selling products in the thousands of millions so that they can give up the day job and start travelling the world.
We hear these success stories all the time and we’re constantly told it’s possible.
The problem is, that when most people try and emulate that success, they end up with a few paltry sales and a lot of time wasted and hopes dashed.
It doesn’t have to be this way though.
If you’re smart about it, then there’s no reason you can leapfrog the rest of the marketers and go straight to the top as a superstar affiliate!
The Tried and Tested Formula
The first tip for doing this is to emulate the people you want to be as successful as.
Find someone who you genuinely believe is making a killing from affiliate marketing and do your background checks by asking about them on Warrior Forum or just following them around the web for a bit.
Are they hanging out with other big names?
Are they showing signs of being ‘in the money’?
Once you’re sure, you should then sign up to their mailing list, go on their site and generally become one of their prospective customers.
Instead of buying from them though, you’re just going to learn from them.
What product are they selling?
How are they convincing their audience to buy?
You can then lift that exact same product and exact same formula and do the same thing yourself.
That’s the beautiful thing about affiliate marketing – you can use the very same formula!
Stand Out
When you start doing this though, you’ll of course be competing with all the other affiliate marketers who had the same idea (not to mention that initial superstar).
The trick to succeeding is to do what they probably aren’t – by adding value.
Could you give away a free e-book with your sales for instance?
Go Big or Go Home
The other thing to do is scale up.
Want to guarantee success?
Then sell 100 affiliate products – one of them is bound to become a hit!
Likewise, make sure you’re going big in terms of the amount of work you’re doing, the amount of money you’re putting in and the amount of social media you’re doing.
The simple rule is that if you want to make a full-time living from an online job, you need to treat it like your full time living.
One hour a month is not enough!
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